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6 R’s of Cloud Migration Strategy

6 R’s of Cloud Migration Strategy – Decided to migrate your servers from on-premises into the cloud, but need certain strategy to accomplish the project successfully? A cloud migration strategy is essential to ensure a successful cloud migration from on-premises into the cloud or from one cloud to the other cloud.  Why do we need […]

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9 reasons to move from On-Premise software to Cloud

Here are the top 9 reasons to move data from On-Premises Software to Cloud. Cloud computing provides the platform to run your applications from one place to another without worrying much about the underlying infrastructure. As result organizations are slowly adopting the culture of Software as a Service model from cloud computing. Common reasons why Companies […]

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Cloud Migration Security Challenges

Cloud Migration Security Challenges Cloud Migration Security Challenges might differ from company to company. Based on their expertise in the field of the underlying technology and the understanding of the best practice. The Cloud Migration Security Challenges start even before the migration starts. But, let’s discuss the challenges associated with the migration phase. Cloud migration […]

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6 reasons why companies are moving to the cloud?

The reasons for enterprises are moving to the cloud because of the improvement of technology. Even though there are some Risk of moving to the cloud, but the companies or enterprises opt to moving application to the cloud. Organizations experience the demand of end-users needs and the growth of technology. The organizations have their own […]

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