Which language should I use for UI Development React or Angular?

Which language should I use for UI Development React or Angular?

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Let us try to identify which language is suitable for a beginner to learn and do their Mobile App Development project for UI developmentReact or Angular.

It`s always a tough competition on the initial selection to choose one over the other. But, eventually one has to start with one language, and then based on the experience and the project requirement, one may need to know both.

It is always difficult to suggest because everyone has a different thought process and capability to grasp the concept. 

It depends upon your existing knowledge of the Java Script and its basic concepts.

Let’s not forget, both of these programming languages are used to make the web application or website and both are only for the frontend.

But, they still hold some differences – Let’s discuss them in detail. 

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React or Angular – Which language should I use for UI Development?

angular js vs react js - Mobile App Development Company in Chennai
  • React was developed by Facebook
  • Angular was developed by Google, previously it used to known as AngularJS. 
  • React is just a JavaScript Library – It does not have M – Model & C- Controller, It only has V-View.
  • Angular is a Framework – It maintains the MVC structure
  • React is totally based on JavaScript
  • Angular is totally based on Typescript 
  • React is easy to learn as compared to Angular
  • Angular is slightly on the higher side for the learning curve compared to React.
  • Both React and Angular are component-based
  • React follows 1-way data binding
  • Angular follows 2-way data binding
  • While React is Virtual DOM-based, so it is a little faster in compared with the Angular
  • Angular is a Real DOM-based
  • React that works with JSX-JS, It`s a kind of writing HTML inside Java script.
  • Angular works with HTML + TypeScript, It carries the common style of writing JavaScript inside HTML.

React or Angular – What is the Current Trend?

So, it is very subjective to say which language to learn and adapt for a career. 

It all depends upon the application requirement and sometimes, it is a business decision from the company point of view to choose the right programing language for the UI development for any website or web application.

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