Significance of Database in System Design?

Significance of Database in System Design?

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The Significance of Database Management in System Design is, it helps companies to make well-informed decisions. It also enables an effective way to handle bundles of everyday data in any format. Lia Infraservices – The leading Mobile App Development Company in Chennai believes, the data being big or small, it should be able to monitor easily with the help of mobile application development and assure information security and data redundancy.

The collection of organized information that can be accessed and managed if needed is the significance of the database.

Core functions of the database :

  • Storing the data. 
  • Adding or deleting the data. 
  • Administrating the existing data.
Core functions of Database in System Design

Importance of Database in System Design: 

If your database is designed perfectly to your needs it will have accurate information for analyzing and updating every time. With the data piling up every other day, design plays an important role in keeping your database effective. 

To simply put up with a good database can implement the queries as fast as it can be with simple input. 

Cap Theorem: Significance of Database in System Design

According to the cap theorem, a database can either give consistency or have a partition tolerance if not both ensure availability. Never promises more than two features at the time. 

 Right now let’s talk about the database design in detail, 

Before you start designing your database, be clear about the requirements of your database specifically. 

                         -> purpose of the database 

                         -> specifying the primary keys

                         -> applying the normalization rules. 

These are the structural implementations you need for a good database design. 

Significance of Database in System Design - CAP Theorem

Purpose of the database: 

The purpose or the objective of your database plays a major role in your database design. To start with, let’s assume that you are designing a database for a food delivery business. The objective will be to design a database that stores customers’ data, generates emails, or updates customers’ needs. 

When you are done with this first step you will now be very clear about what you are expecting as an output. Now moving on to the next step will be easier with that clarity. 

Specifying the primary keys: 

Selecting the primary key for every table will be the next step. So what is the primary key? 

Let’s say your Database is for customers who order food then the primary key will be the customer id that has a unique number for each and every one. Similarly, all the unique data you will need will come under the primary key section. 

The primary key needs not to be one but depends on the requirements of your database design. Example client mobile no, meal plan.  

Applying normalization rule: 

Implying the normalization rule is the final major step of every database design. The ultimate aim is to remove the redundant data or needless characteristics ( insert, delete). This step will help you in a very large way to remove those from relation tables and store data in tabular form. 

So now you would have a fair idea about the importance of designing a good database. And also how you can simplify the process of designing as well with the support of a professional Mobile App Development Company in Chennai.

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