How to Set up Facebook AD Campaign for Salon Business?

How to Set up Facebook AD Campaign for Salon Business?

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Are you struggling to scale up your Salon business? Learn how to Set up Facebook AD Campaign for Salon Business. Now, you can generate more customer walk-in to your salon by running a Facebook Lead Generation AD Campaign through a Social media Marketing Company in Chennai. Even if you have or don’t have a website of your own!

Tips to Boost Salon Business Through Facebook AD Campaign:

Plan exclusive offers such as Facial, Detan, Bridal Makeup and Hair Styling for men and women. 

Always remember to show the Facebook Ad image creatively with the after results, don’t show the creative such as applying facial, applying makeup, or when hair colouring.

ow to Set up Facebook Ad campaign for Salon Business with good Creative designs - Lia infraservices

Steps to setup Facebook Ad campaigns for Saloon Business – Lead Generation

  1. Login to Facebook Ads Manager and click on “Create an Ad’.

How to Set up Facebook Ad campaign for Salon Business - Create a FB Ad - Lia infraservices
  1. Select the account that you wanted to run the Facebook ad.
  1. Click on Create and select Lead Generation.

How to Set up Facebook Ad campaign for Salon Business - Select Lead Generation - Lia infraservices
  1. Provide the name for the campaign so that you can easily understand it in a later stage to analyze the blog performance and click NEXT

How to Set up Facebook Ad campaign for Salon Business - Provide the Campaign Name - Lia infraservices
  1. Under the Lead method select – Instant Forms so that people can submit their name, phone number, and email address and select the Facebook Page.

How to Set up Facebook Ad campaign for Salon Business - Select instant Forms - Lia infraservices
  1. Provide the daily budget. If you are starting for the first time, always start with a minimal budget of 5 dollars or Rs.100 INR and gradually increase the budget to understand the campaign.
  1. Provide the start date and end date.

Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai - Provide Daily Budget - Lia infraservices
  1. Under the audience, select the location that you wanted to show your ad and select “People living in this location” as we wanted to show the ad to whose home is within this km.

Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai - Select People - Lia infraservices
  1. Type in the location that you wanted to target the AD  and select the radius. In this case, I have selected 5mi so that I can cover my ad up to approximately 8 km.

Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai - target the AD with radius- Lia infraservices

10 . As the offer that I choose is for Women. I wanted to target only the women, so selected the Women and their Age.

In this offer, we are giving the offer for hair colouring. So keeping in mind, we select the audience according to their interest,  Age between 18 to 45 

You can also explore Facebook audience insights to know your audience’s interest.

Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai - Select Audience based on their interest - Lia infraservices

You can narrow down the audience, by clicking on “And must also match” to add another layer of interest for the people in your target audience must also match at least one interest from both layers and save the audience.

Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai - narrow down audience based on behaviours - Lia infraservices

Based on your audience’s interest and the offer which you provide select their interest and behaviours. Eg., for the “Hair Colouring”  offer which I provide, the below are the audience selected.

Social Media Marketing Company in Chennai - Audience Interests - Lia infraservices
  1. Under the platforms, make sure Facebook and Instagram are selected and click Next
  1. Provide an eye catchy headline, keep it short and clear.

You can see the preview of how it looks and check if the headline appears completely without getting cropped.

Generally, we provide our unique offer. 

We mentioned, ” Sun Kissed Hair Colour Highlights at Just Rs.199/-.”

Provide primary text with the AIDA format. 

Create Facebook AD campaign on AIDA format - Lia Infraservices
  1. Fill in the Primary Text in AIDA Format

A- Attention (Call Out Your Audience)

I- Interest ( Provide the gains)

D- Desire

A- Action

Call out the problem faced by your prospect for which he/she looking for a solution.
e.g., for a Bridal Makeup offer

Dear Brides-to-Be!

Want to look gorgeous on your Dream day, but not sure what makeover to go with?

Provide your prospects that have a solution that can help them to solve the problem without the usual thing they should be doing.

e.g., Introducing for the first time in Chennai, The “New Radiant-Outlook” Bridal Makeover.
Get a 30 Minute radiant-outlook Bridal Makeover Trial @ just Rs.399 & avail of services worth Rs.6500 at your favourite Salon and Spa.
Mention your stories about yourself/your clients who have solved their problems with your solution. It is the thing that makes them buy.
e.g., After working with more than 500 brides in the past 12 years, we have figured out 1 bridal makeup that will make your skin feel refreshed & healthy even after long hours of wearing it. 

Tell them what to do next to get the solution and change their life.
e.g., The offer is only for the first 20 who click the ‘Get Offer’ button below.

So why wait?

  1. So, after selecting the image and providing the headline, description, under “Question” Select “Instant Form” and “Create Form”

Create Facebook AD campaign in Instant form - Lia Infraservices
  1. Under “Form type” select “ More Volume”

Create Facebook AD campaign - Form Type - Lia Infraservices
  1. Under the “Intro” section Click “Use the image from your ad” or upload the image if you wanted to show a different image in the Intro
  1. Add a Greeting message and list out the need of why they should complete your form and any relevant details.
  1. Under the “Privacy” section. You can provide your privacy policy link from your website or if you don’t have one, you can use this template as your privacy policy

Sample Privacy PolicyFREE Download !

Duplicate the document, replace the phrase “Your Company Name” with your actual business name, and provide this in this “Link” and in the “Link Text” provide as Terms and Conditions for “Your Company”

  1. Under Description, let your prospects know how their details would be used. 

e.g., We respect your privacy, we collect the following details to contact you either through email or phone.

 In this case, I have asked for their “Email” “ Full Name” and “Phone Number”  

Facebook Lead Generation AD Campaign - Add Contact Information - Lia Infraservices

19 . Under “Completion”, provide the “ Headline” and “Description” to let people know what to expect next. 

You can give any of these options like View Website, Download, Call Business accordingly. 

In this case, I have selected “View Website” and mentioned the  Call to Action text as “View Website” and the link to our company website.

Facebook Lead Generation AD Campaign - Set - Lia Infraservices
  1. Finally, verify the form once and click “ Publish” and click the Publish again in the AD section

That is all your Facebook Lead Generation Ad is successfully set!

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In this blog you would have come to know about, how to generate more walk-ins for your Salon Business even with or without a Website with Lia Infraservices – the professional Digital Marketing Company in Chennai offering the best of SMM – Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation Ad Campaigns!  

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