Readymade E-commerce Website Built-in 2 Days!

Readymade E-commerce Website Built-in 2 Days!

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Is your offline business struggling to take off? Want to build your own single or multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace? Choose Lia Infraservices Readymade E-commerce Website Built-in in 2 Days. Offer your customers an exclusive premium shopping experience with Lia infraservices readymade single or multi-vendor e-commerce website.

We know running a physical or online business can be expensive. You may not have a big budget enough to build an online store. Or, like most people, you just don’t have the time to scale up your business and brand value. Lia infraservices instantaneous and customizable readymade e-commerce website will let you realize your e-store dreams in just 2 days!

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Why should you choose – Lia Infraservices Readymade E-commerce Website Built-in 2 Days?

Lia infraservices the best e-commerce website builders create a multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace to sell digital products online. 

  • Affordable to own. 
  • Simple in architecture and Easy to use.
  • Easy for the vendors to register themselves, get approved by admin and list out their products. 

Let your customers choose from the wide selection of Brands and products from single or multiple vendors online. As the multi-vendor e-commerce website (online marketplace) owner, you get a chance to earn by charging vendors a commission. 

Do The Readymade E-Commerce Website Worth Owning?

  1. Vendors can list out the product based on product keyword and sort by category, latest offers and vendor listings, locate a store nearby from the dashboard and much more.

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days - Dashboard - lia infraservices
  1. Easy for the users to Search Products.

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days - Easy Product search options - Lia infraservices
  1. Easy to navigate between Categories, recently viewed products and most popular products.

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days - Easy to navigate between categories - Lia infraservices
  1. Category Listing:

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days - Category listing - Lia infraservices
  1. Find the product Brandwise:

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days - Find the product brand wise - Lia infraservices
  1. Ability to list out all the vendors:

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days  - ability to list out all vendors - lia infraservices
  1. Locate physical store using google maps API:

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days - Google Maps API integration - lia infraservices
  1. Multiple Language and Currency can be selected:

Readymade e-commerce website build-in 2 days - Multi lingual and currency supported - Lia infraservices
  1. Vendor and Users can register and log in.

Vendor and Customer Registration form - dynamic ecommerce website development company in Chennai - Lia infraservices
  1. Display of Order List
  2. Redirection to Payment Gateway
  3. Order Confirmation/ Cancellation with Return Back Policy

Features of multi-vendor marketplaces:

If you want to create a successful multi-vendor marketplace, you’re going to need these features, at a minimum:

A) Easy registration/listing for vendors and Users:

Third-party vendors need to be able to easily register and create their own product listings. If it’s difficult for vendors to list products, they’ll go somewhere else. They also need their own profile page to showcase these listings.

B) Quality search feature

Search is always essential for eCommerce, but for multi-vendor marketplaces, it’s doubly important. Customers need to be able to find what they need. Our Dynamic e-commerce website is a leading UI/UX company in Chennai offering great, easy to use user-friendly designs.

 C) Easy reviews

Because you’ll have multiple sellers, customers need to be able to easily review sellers and products so that sellers can establish a reputation.

D) Online &  physical sales possible:

Some marketplaces are limited to digital or physical products. You’ll need to pick the option that fits your goals.

E) Ability to charge a commission

As the owner of a multi-vendor marketplace, you’ll generate revenue by charging a commission. Your platform needs to not only allow this but also make it simple for you to handle payments so you don’t get overwhelmed.

 F) Product Price can be edited by Admin:

There are some massive variations in price for multi-vendor marketplaces. The fluctuation in price is based on market competition. The authorized admin or the vendor can easily login into the dashboard and do the required modifications.

Build your E-Commerce Web Application like an Enterprise Based Application! Check out Lia Infraservices E-Commerce Website below.

Pros of Lia Infraservices – Readymade E-Commerce Website Built-in 2 Days?

  • The readymade e-commerce website can be used as both a multi-vendor or single-vendor marketplace.
  • Very quick to set up in 2 days and easy to use.
  • Responsive support team with affordable AMC and upgrading are possibilities.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency supported.
  • Robust code built with seamless and secured payment gateway integration with return back policies.
  • Countless scope for customizing the e-commerce website.
  • Suitable for small businesses as well as large businesses.
  • Supports multi-channel online as well as offline sales.
  • Support multiple industrial sectors, easy to add product descriptions, images and videos.
  • Excellent value for money.

The best dynamic e-commerce and Woo-Commerce Development company in Chennai - Lia infraservices

Conclusion: Readymade E-commerce Website Built-in 2 Days!

Get your e-commerce website Designed and developed in just 2 days by the market experts. Now start selling your products from the professional-looking single or multi-vendor website. Contact Lia Infraservices – The leading eCommerce/woo-commerceWordPress website development company in Chennai and take a Free Trial today. 

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