Laravel – Full-Stack Framework for Web Application

Laravel – Full-Stack Framework for Web Application

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There are plenty of frameworks and tools available to build by Lia Infraservices the best web app development company in Chennai.

In which we are going to see about Larvel Framework in this blog. Laravel is a full-stack open-source web application PHP framework, which is robust and easy to understand. It follows a model-view-controller design pattern. Laravel uses the existing components of different available frameworks in the industry to create web applications.

The best part of Laravel is the web application can be designed in a better structured and pragmatic manner.

Laravel – A Scalable Framework:

Laravel Framework for Web App Development - Lia Infraservices

In general, Laravel is a scalable framework that can offer a rich set of functions that can incorporate the essential features of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii, and other programming languages like Ruby on Rails. Laravel has an amazing set of features that can effectively boost the speed and performance of web app development.

Advantages of Laravel Framework:

Advantages of Laravel Framework for Web App Development by Lia Infraservices

Laravel has many advantages to offer while you design a web application.

  • With Laravel Framework you can create scalable web applications, 
  • Unsurprisingly a considerable amount of time is saved in design while building a web application. 
  • The best part is, Laravel reuses the components from other frameworks in developing web applications.
  • It includes namespaces and interfaces, thus helping to organise and manage resources.

Why Laravel Framework?

  1. Strong command line support eg(npm, composer)
  2. Large community
  3. Regular updates
  4. Fast and simple to use

Note: To use the Laravel PHP framework we need a composer, wamp, or xampp server in your local system.


Laravel Framework - Composer

A composer is a tool that includes all the dependencies and libraries. Composer lets the user create a project as per the mentioned framework (for example, those used in Laravel installation). Third-party libraries can be installed easily with help of composers.

All the dependencies are encashed in the composer.json file which is located in the source folder.

Note: You can install the composer in two ways, Without a composer, you cannot install the Laravel framework

1. Need to download the composer on their own site URL:

2. Another way to write a command in cmd to install the composer 

Refer URL:

Now you can install the Laravel using the composer command 

composer global require laravel/installer 

Note: You write this command first time only because its install the global path composer in your local system no need to use another time 

Create new project command in cmd or code editor

Laravel new yourproject_name 

eg: (Laravel new dover)

Laravel Installation can be done in two ways.

  1. Laravel Installer
  2. Using composer

Artisan Console

Laravel Artisan Framework

The command-line interface used in Laravel is called Artisan. It includes a set of commands which assists in building a web application. These commands are incorporated from the Symphony framework, resulting in add-on features in Laravel 8 (the latest version of Laravel).

Note: With the help of the artisan command-line interface you can run your project in local 


Laravel is basically an open-source PHP framework that is robust and quite easy to understand. Web Artisans can create truly enjoyable and user-friendly web applications.  Check out Laravel Ecosystem – that can be utilised to build your truly innovative and unique web applications.

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