Food Delivery App Development Cost?

Food Delivery App Development Cost?

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The cost to develop a single restaurant food delivery app cost for an Android or iOS App Development Company in Chennai ranges from 3000 USD to 15000 USD in India. App development cost depends on various factors say the app features, the technology used, number of resources involved, time consumed to build the app, API integrations if any and post-delivery service or maintenance assistance, etc.

Deliver food through a dedicated mobile app development in Chennai.

How much does it Cost to develop a dedicated food delivery app in India?

The cost to build a custom food delivery app by a mobile app development company in Chennai from scratch involves the construction of 3 essential panels that includes a web app development Company in Chennai for the admin to manage the orders received and update the product information, product image and price, etc.  

1. Customer portal

2. Admin and Manager Portal

3. Delivery Partner Portal   

    Food Delivery App Development Cost Based on the Following Features:

    1. Customer Portal:

    In the food delivery mobile app development, the customer panel is designed with the customer’s requirements in mind. It’s the most important part of a food delivery app because good user satisfaction can always grow your restaurant business.

    As you know, in this portal a customer can able to browse through the list of menu items displayed with quantity, price and description (optional) and place an order. 

    The customer portal should have a great user interface for easy browsing and finding what the customer is looking for. The customer could be able to choose the new food items in the menu card or modify the preselected items from the cart and place a food order. 

    The Customer Portal is also integrated with Payment gateways API integration with one or more payment options available. In addition to that Google Map API can also be added to locate the place of delivery. With Order confirmation update via SMS feature. 

    2. Driver Portal:


    The food delivery portal is dedicated for the Drivers to receive and update the order delivery status in the food delivery app. It requires the Drivers to sign up and create a profile with their essential details. In this portal, the drivers will be notified with order pickup confirmation through SMS, Pending order pickup, Order delivery status update. Driver portal can also include a customer feedback option to capture the user review. 

    Delivery persons can also see the payment history and check their commissions for past orders.

    3. Admin Panel:


    Admin panel has an interactive dashboard does the Order management feature can enable the admin to track various orders and monitor aspects like delivery addresses, delivery persons’ details, and the like. The admin can also add new HD photos of food items in the app and view all the information related to payment and delivery persons’ payouts. The master setting facilitates the admin to change the app’s theme as and when necessary.

    The iOS & Android app development company in Chennai can also integrate other features in your customized food delivery app to meet diverse business requirements. For example, you can add social media integration in the app to enable your customers to share their views, feedback about your services with their friends and relatives. 

    Cost of Building a Restaurant App for Order and Delivery Model: 

    Various components can be included to get a clear estimation of single restaurant food delivery mobile app development costs. Usually, the cost of building a food delivery app like UberEATS, Food Panda, etc depends on the features and functionalities included in it. You can hire experienced Android and iOS app developers at Lia infraservices to build either native or hybrid food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEATS or custom restaurant app development.


    If you hire a mobile app development company in Chennai like Lia Infraservices, then the estimated cost of developing a single restaurant food booking & delivery app will cost you $25 per hour approximately. This cost will include an end to end mobile app development for both Android and iOS platforms concluding app testing and app launch as well.

    However, if you hire Lia Infraservices for your mobile app development in Saudi Arabia , then you will also get continuous support from a team of experts until your app is stable and running successfully in the market.

    Note: This is just an estimated food delivery app development cost, the accurate prices of developing an app like Dunzo or Food Panda could vary depending on the features you want to add to it, the number of resources involved, the number of technical hours consumed and the API’s integrated.


    The on-demand food delivery business will be skyrocketing in the upcoming years. So, enterprises who are planning to enter this market should know about the varied factor that influences the food delivery app development cost. In this article, Lia infraservices – we talked about the business model of Single restaurant order booking and food delivery app development cost

    If the number of app features is bare minimal then the cost of developing the mobile app will be lower. At the same time if your choose more app features then it is obvious to shoot up your development cost, which indirectly consumes more working hours or technical resources to build the application software.  

    At Lia Infraservcies we design and develop tailored-made software solutions that best fit your business requirement and stay within your desired budget.

    Contact Lia Infraservices for more information.

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