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Rakrith Vijayan

Lia Infraservice has been our go to Vendor for anything related to Design Development. Understanding of Business Model has been key with Lia Team as it makes our work easier as a consultant rather explaining about the Business then starting with design.


They are the best for digital marketing and web designing with Best Price.... I like there guidence n new ideas for business development which helps me to move further in digital marketing..

Neeb Praveen

Lia Infraservices got a very dynamic and supportive team who helped us in web development on a few projects. Highly recommend them! Looking forward to working with them on many more projects.

Lavanya H

When I planned to have a website for our VARNAM Boutique, my very first thought was to discuss with Partho. We know Partho Protim Das since 2012, that is, even before he founded Lia Infraservices. We always have a high opinion for his sincerity and commitment. I texted and asked for a meeting. He immediately called back and gave an outline of the process. I was financially not ready then for the minimum cost to build a quality website.
I chose to hire a page from a well-known webpage provider for monthly rental. It was good in the initial stages. Things were smooth until I started to face small and big issues one by one. Simply saying, we were not able to do any improvement than the designed template.
The features that I asked for were very vital for the site but the service provider was not able to provide. Example: The maximum number of the entry in an attribute was limited to 100. If I have to upload a set of shirts having sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL, I was allowed to upload up to 20 designs only.
Coz 5 sizes in every design and 20 designs make the number of attributes used to 100. Means, the web page provider restricted my webpage to display only 20 designs of shirts at any point of time.
I also realized that the monthly rental that I pay to the provider would accumulate to a very handsome number in the long term. Just like planning to buy an own home than paying monthly rentals, I decided to build our own web page.
Without any second thought, I handed over the project of designing our VARNAM Boutique’s website to Partho’s Lia Infraservices.
Partho took extra care in choosing the best and cost-effective host for us. I take this opportunity to thank him once again for saving thousands of our money.
Regarding the web page, all that I knew was the end output - the display that we would be able to see in the screen. I was, even am, not aware of the technical challenges lying behind. Partho and his team put the very best of effort and brought each and every point that I asked for on the screen. Few points that we asked for were a real challenge to them. They took a bit extra time but brought the super result on the screen. I really appreciate their commitment and sincerity. They were very responsive even in midnight.
Now I am a very happy and proud owner of our website I would certainly recommend Lia Infraservices to all in my circle.
I thank Mrs. Meria Partho for taking personal care in promoting our business on Facebook and Instagram. She gives very valuable and economical suggestions in boosting our reach online. Great support, madam Keep rocking.

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