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Why your website is not able to generate the paid customer for you?

The answer is there on your website.

  • Do you have proper research-based keywords to cover Chennai?
  • Do you have proper CTA[Call To Action button]?
  • Do you have your contact form working?
  • Do you have a mobile-optimized website
  • Do you have issues with page loading time?

You might have plenty of questions in your mind, for which only the Professional SEO Company in Chennai, can get you the best solutions in the industry.


As a quality SEO Service Providers in Chennai, We give priority to the quality SEO Service we provide. Lia Infraservices always maintain the best SEO practise with proper quality analysis based on the research conducted.

As a fact, more than 40% of the website in the internet is not optimized effectively to position themselves better in the Search Engine Ranking.

Lia infraservices strategic SEO Services will help you over come all your Website's SEO obstacles!

Our competitive price is well justified based on the knowledge and service we deliver to our customers.

So for, we have served more than 20 happy SEO customers, across multiple industries. We, the SEO Comapny in Chennai have a proven record of boosting the client's business revenue through our best SEO strategies.

Our path of learning happens from our customers. We use multiple self learnt case strategies to bring your site on top of the Search Engine Ranking.

  • A good looking website doesn’t bring visitors!
    While a well-optimized website with a proper keyword can bring visitors.
  • Unable to get your product or services reach the appropriate customers in need? Your product and service might be better than your competitors, still you don`t get new enquiries nor customers! Wondering why?
  • If you are serious about your business and want to reach to the potential audience within your business zone on the internet, then your objective should be to make your targeted users find your website and make them land on your right web page.
  • LIA infraservices has transformed many customer's sombre businesses into a successful business across various industrial sectors within the remarkable (short) duration.
  • If your could not speculate your website on the first page of the search engine, then you are actually losing business existance!
  • Lia Infraservices SEO agency in Chennai is specialized in finding the relavent right focused keywords with the high volume for your business. With Strategic and calculative On-Page and Off-Page Optimization, we could bring your site on the Top of the Search Engine Result Page
  • Get more visitors, convert them into customers. We do the proper audit and identify if your site has proper CTA for the website visitor to contact you.
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Why Choose Lia Infraservices?

The leading SEO Company in Chennai.

Welcome to one of the best SEO company in Chennai, we have been trusted by many of our clients and partners from across the globe for our dedicated in Chennai. Search Engine optimization helps the company to promote their products and services to the people or the targeted audience from Chennai. We as passionate SEO company in chennai have a knack to crack the balance while also to respecting the rules that are being created by Search engine companies like Google, bing etc.

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Local SEO

Lia infraservices have been providing the best SEO service and solution to many website owners at Chennai for the last couple of years. The website owners from Chennai really have great products and services but they were not having the visibility in their own locality from Chennai, so they were not able to gain much profitability, but when we started to provide our services at Chennai, we were contacted to provide them with the solution, so we came up with the strategy in SEO, as every business needs different and separate SEO strategy. Our expert team at Lia Infraservices crafts a strategic roadmap to win the battle with SEO which has helped us to become a leading SEO company in chennai as well as satisfy the client requirements.


We follow the industry standard On-Page SEO Techniques to increase your website Domain Authority.

  • Create Relevant Content to the Website.
  • Follow the Meta Data - Title, Description, Keywords.
  • Adopt Keyword focused Header Tags.
  • Name the Image files using keywords and mention image alt tags.
  • Insert proper CTA Button.
  • Place keyword focussed Anchortext for Internal and External Hyperlinks.


Our SEP Experts follow the current Off-Page SEO Techniques in trend to increase your website domain authority by creating valuable backlinks. Off-Page SEO Techniques includes,

  • Post relevant blogs with genuine content.
  • Update Site Map for Search engine indexing.
  • Check and target Competitors Backlink placements.
  • Redirect broken links and optimize page loading speed.
  • Increase website discoverability.
  • Identify and work on techniques for Link building.
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SEO is not same for all industry website. The Food and drink industry has a different target audience and buyer persona than a logistic and transportation based website users. So, we cannot apply the same SEO strategy for all the websites.

Being a SEO Company in Chennai, it is all about challenging yourself and competing your past performance. Make strategy and implement that, evaluate that and improvise the strategy.

When we take any SEO project, we thrive to understand the actual consumer/user of the website, their age group, interest and based on that we identify the best SEO strategy to get the optimal result for our customers which has been our strength to provide SEO services in chennai.

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What we do?

Track Daily Visitors and New User Website Traffic

As we tend to progress as one of the best SEO company in chennai there are few strategies which we have inhabited in our SEO service methods. Our purpose is to maintain consistency and perseverance towards our task.

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The keywords are selected based on the language where we get more volume and competition, so the country does not matter to us. We are here to get your site rank on search engine.

If your website is not ranking even though all the best practices of the off-page, our task as a leading seo company is to scan your website and look for the onpage checks, like internal linking, proper researched based keyword. Since we have of our tested methods which eventually helped us to give the best SEO services in chennai . you will get Freshness in the content along with proper title and description. We have a checklist that we modify based on the google and other search engine best practices for the SEO to work.

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