How to avoid database corruption on the production server?

How to avoid database corruption on the production server?

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Data plays a vital role in any business and a loss in data in terms of database corruption or in any other form will cause huge financial losses to the enterprise. So, it’s high time to protect your confidential data in a secured manner. Lia Infraservices – Leading Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, explain to you how to avoid Database Corruption on the Production Server. 

In most cases, enterprises don’t figure out the root cause for the database corruption and end up losing up valuable information. It’s always good to take some preventive care to avoid any future damage. Most of the time it happens due to defects in the underlying platform which MY SQL relies on to store and retrieve data.

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Top Reasons for the Database Corruption:

4 reasons for database corruption in mobile app development company
  1. Virus Infection
  2. Abrupt System Shutdown
  3. Internal Bugs
  4. Human Errors


The cause and effect of Database Corruption:

Figuring out the root cause can save a lot of time and help you in finding the solution as soon as possible 

Disk subsystem, controllers, communication channels, drivers, firmware, or other hardware faults. 

Data corruption can also occur if the MySQL server daemon restarts suddenly, or the server reboots due to a crash of another OS component. 

Steps to Avoid Database Corruption on the Productive Server:

Step 1: Identifying the corrupt database

If you login into SQL you will find the corrupted database, at the same time a suspect database is a corrupt state of the database.                      



DBMS mobile app development company

Step 2: by splitting the main database to save from corupt database

It is a universally followed step. If more than one person accesses the database, split it into two parts. 

Back end: storing the data in tables 

Front end: except forms and reports it contains everything. 

Step 3: creating temporary tables to speed up : 

In case if you run complex or nested queries as one query has to pull data from others access could be a tough deal. Lot of the time it happens when a query that works with a small amount of data performs slowly. 

Note: Learn how to restore Mysql database on production from database corrpution.


There have also been bugs in MySQL so even if the server hardware is ok, MySQL itself can cause Databse Corruption.

When MySQL data gets corrupted, it is recommendation to restore it from the last backup.

In order to prevent DB corruption, it is recommended to have the DB on a standalone server with dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, or Disk.


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