10 Ways to Protect your Mobile Apps against dangerous cyber threats

10 Ways to Protect your Mobile Apps against dangerous cyber threats

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Apparently, 3.5 billion people have been using mobile apps around the world right now. The numbers could double up in the upcoming years before you even flick your eyes. But do all these applications ensure security enough to share our personal data? This blog will enlighten you on a lot of cyber threats faced by a mobile app development company in the world.

The answer is palpable. No, it’s not secure enough indeed. In fact, the increasing numbers have been a blessing in disguise for hackers to access more apps and users’ data than before. Shocking right? 

To start with there are not many mobile app development company around the world to build secured yet be user friendly with the UI and other skeletons of mobile apps like Lia Infraservices- the best mobile app development company.

According to the research done by Gartner, more than 75%  of mobile apps will fail the basic security tests.  

It’s alarming to realize that hackers can access your passwords, banking details, and sensitive information effortlessly with one cyber attack and leak it for their own profit. If you are running a business your entire user data and business interest are at risk for sure. Concerning still, we do have solutions as well. 

Before we talk about how to secure our apps let’s take a deep look into the kind of cyber attacks that could possibly happen. 

Growth mobile app development in the last few years

Major cyber threats issues faced by mobile app development company all over the world

  1. Single device multi data storage:

                       There is always a chance of mixing up the high priority data with low priority data at the corporate levels. In this situation, it will be clumsy for any developer to handle a single attack. 

  1. Illegal access:

            Each and every social media accounts, bank accounts, email, and other application are always under a threat of unauthorized access. 

  1.  IOT hardware:  

              The role of  IoT devices is to collect data and use it to make smart decisions in the operation. But it extends to sharing the data with other operating systems which opens up a huge security concern. 

  1. App store security :

           Most mobile apps are vulnerable to this security threat. It varies though -based upon the user’s mobile device. Android devices can be less secure since it has a lot of operating system needs and serve more devices than Apple does.

  1. Malware attacks:

Mobile devices are mostly accessible to trojan attacks, spy- wares, viruses, and malware. 

Hackers use this type of attack to steal data from users.  

Ten ways to protect your mobile apps against cyber threats for mobile app development company

1.Ensuring secure user authentication:       

     In any mobile application user authentication is essential for security.  Lia Infraservices Mobile app development company in Chennai minds Google Play Store and Apple App Store while developing the application the developers must ensure they have added all the crucial mobile security features as well as session management, identity, etc. enforcing MFA (multi-factor authentication ) or 2 FA (two-factor authentication) can secure the app more.

2.Backend safeguarding

Preventing unauthorized access to confidential data can improve security further. By testing the APIs that have access to the server could add additional security. To secure the data you can also try penetration testing, containerization, and encryption using SSL, VPN, TLS. 

3. App wrapping:

               Applying security enforcement policies to mobile applications without altering their functionalities and look is called app wrapping.  It helps the mobile app management admin to control a lot of things such as who will be able to download, which APIs will be allowed, whether the app data can be stored on the device. 

4) Protecting payment transactions :

Everyone is aware of the number of problems arising every day through the payment gateway. A secured payment gateway will need authentication, encryption. As the number of people using online services is increasing, so are the security-related problems. 

5) API’s security:

If you are talking about mobile application security then you should begin with API. It is an essential part of it. Right, how do we secure it?

  • Implementing encryption 
  • Hiding all the API clues 
  •  Proper validation, using auditing and logging. 
  • Use Resource Quotas and Throttling

6)Hiring a professional can help:

Well, that would be an expensive price to pay for but a worthy one for sure. 

A team of professionals can manage these cyber attacks as well as assist in everything. So you need to scratch your head or ponder more. 

7) Managing the mobile device efficiently can drastically reduce the risk :

There is a huge difference between managing Android and IOS devices. While IOS devices can be managed by MDM or EDM products, android would require (A4W).  

 Due to their hardware being less expensive and vulnerable to cyber threats, android devices are also a tricky customer to handle.

8) Enhancing Operating system security :

Strengthening the security of the OS is an important thing to make sure of while you’re managing data. You need to be updated all the time. By accessing control, firewall configuration. Updating the software regularly, having anti-virus software all the time can increase the OS security. 

9) MDM (Mobile Device Management) :

MDM helps you to monitor for malware. It also lets the distribution and manages the application. MDM can support your software and secure them regardless of the device type  (Android, iPod, blackberry). 

10)Preventing the unknown threats :

      Prevention is always better than cure. While the number of mobile devices is increasing it is not surprising to see the cyberattacks spike as well.  There are a few ways that might help you to safeguard your data. 

     To start with you can implement the open web application security project. And if your users are able to notify you if and when any security threats they have identified happening on your application that could help you as well. 

     It would be fitting to say that the root cause of the problem is actually the inability to build secured yet effective mobile apps. We can’t neglect the fact maintaining your data as well users will be a tough deal. 

Pondering over where to look for effective yet secured mobile apps? 

Mobile app development company in Chennai

Lia Infraservices the best Mobile App Development company in Chennai will be the right place to start with. If you are down for a chat just leave us a message. We will brainstorm and get back to you with a brilliant idea for your mobile App and ensure to deliver it on time. 

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