Cost to Build Professional Website in 2022

Cost to Build Professional Website in 2022

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In this blog we will look in to the cost to build a professional Website in 2022. Since the 2020 Covid Pandemic wave – most of the traditional businesses moved online and it has become a necessity for every business to undergo a digital transformation for their sole survival.

In this blog, we the Lia Infraservices – The leading Website Development Company in Chennai, have briefed about the prevailing global demand to build professional Website development in 2022 with its average cost factors. We have projected the tentative enquiries received – requesting for Website Development based on the Service request, country-wise Clicks received in Google Analytics.

Based on our research we have given our cost to build professional Website Development, which may be useful for your. This involves a simple 5 page website development with basic theme, social media integration and limited graphics design and features. Cost may Vary for advanced websites, which includes sophisticated tool and technologies, expertise resource utilized, number of built hours, custom design layout, API and features etc.

Similarly, we have also projected the average country-wise market cost to build a professional website development for a Startup company and a mid-scale enterprise in 2022.

Professional Website Development with Budget cost:   

Website Development Cost in 2022For Start-UpMid Scale Company
Dubai6000 AED15000 AED
Chennai, India12,000 RS18,000 RS
Canada1000 CAD5000 CAD
US1000 USD100,000 USD
Australia3000 AUD6000 AUD

Country wise Professional Website Development with Budget cost:   

In general , there are 3 ways to build a website:

1. Choose an Online Website Builder :

If you feel that a static website is sufficient to achieve your online business goals, then you can simply choose a ready made – Online Website Builder tool or an app and go for yearly AMC for support and maintenance.

2. Build it with WordPress :

In case you are running a start-up and have budget constraints or feel just a simple website will fulfil your business objectives, then you can go for WordPress Website Development Company in Chennai.  

3. Hire a Professional Website Developer with HTML & CSS :

If you are already running a standard business but an armature in Software Development domain, we highly recommend you to choose a professional website development company in Chennai to get your first Customized website developed. In this case, We don’t recommend Freelancers – why because, freelance developers must work on contract basis and for sophisticated websites post delivery bug solving support service is minimal with freelancers.

Wondering how much effort will it take to build a mobile app?

To develop a successful small or medium mobile app, at the bare minimum it takes 5 to 6 people on the whole or one person specialized from each domain say, Front end, Backend, UI/UX design, Graphics, software/App Tester, Content Developer, etc. To determine the time (Man hours) it takes to build a mobile app, it solely depends upon the complexity of the app. On average, it takes between three months to nine months depending upon the project structure (excluding the new add-on features).

Difference between Mobile App and Web App?

Difference Between Mobile App Vs Web App:Mobile AppWeb App
Development CostHigh (8000 to 13,000 USD+)Low (1000 USD+)
Development TimeLongShort
Expertise RequiredAdvancedNot-required
User ExperienceExcellentGood
Offline FunctionalityEasyComplex
Load Bearing CapabilityHighLow

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