How long does it take to build an Android or iOS Mobile App in 2021?

How long does it take to build an Android or iOS Mobile App in 2021?

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In this digital decade, the number of mobile phone users has almost outnumbered the total world population! 

Moreover, every mobile phone comes up with a set of default pre-installed apps in itself. This means people are well used up to modern mobile apps.

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This has paved a way for the invention of new and innovative mobile app development in the market!

It is not surprising.

The mobile app has become a trend with not just business owners but also common consumers.

Mobile apps basically provide the feasibility to the app user to get the best of its service, as most people hold mobile phones in their hands all the time.

Head Start with App Development:

Are you looking forward to developing a mobile app?        
For non-Business Owners:

You have an idea for app development, but are not sure about how to get started! 

We suggest you do thorough research on the apps that are available at the Google Play Store before you head start to develop a mobile app for any business.

Find out:
  1. What kind of application, people love to use in their daily life?
  2. Foresee the app feature.
  3. Understand the nature of the audience.
  4. Why are users fond of this particular app? 

Clarifying yourself with all the above questions will give you a clear picture of what app is trending that you should get started with unique add on features.

For Business Owners:

If you are running a business, yes you might already have an app idea and a purpose to build a mobile app. 

Now the big concern is all about the cost involved in building an Application.

The question is, 

How much does it cost to make a mobile app?

If you ask me this question, I would say it depends on multiple factors!

Let me give you a simple analogy,

A cup of Hot Coffee costs Rs. 15 at the street

While it may cost Rs.75 at Restaurants

While the Same Cup would cost Rs.225 and above at Starbucks

The term Coffee remains the same, but the way it is prepared, the quality of ingredients used, the Brand that delivers the product and other factors decide on the cost factor.

The same thing goes for Mobile App Development!

On the other hand, the cost factor doesn’t just stop with the development of the mobile App. It extends furthermore, towards maintenance cost, up-gradation cost, Play store/ iOS App store cost, etc.

Factors that influence Mobile app development

  • What’s the primary function of your app?
  • What is your budget?
  • How do you plan on building it?
  • What kind of time frame do you envision from production start to launch?

You’ll also want to consider your launch strategy, so you can get downloads and even come up with a way to get ranked in the App Store.


  1. So start with the App Development – Plan
  2. Identify the Stages of App Development.
  3. Understanding the cost factor involved in each stage of app building.

The factors impacting the cost of mobile app development:

  1. The complexity of App Design
  2. Server hosting
  3. Operation system – iOS or Android
  4. Who builds it
  5. Hidden Costs.

Let’s discuss each factor that affects the app development cost for your specific needs. 

| Promoting a brand new app from scratch without an existing business in place will be more expensive.


How complex is your app Design?

The complexity of the Mobile App Design and development involves the features to be integrated impacts the number of technical resources to be used, the Duration of the app Development and the Add plugins.

The App cost varies based on the Simplicity, moderate or complexity of the app development.

Mobile App Development Cost in Chennai Depends up of 3 Factors - Lia Infraservices

Simple App:

Contains the Simple UI/UX design, with a standard email subscription, Local media Integration etc, could cost anywhere around 10-15$ per hour/per resource.


Modern Mobile app is completely customized with custom UI features, integrated secured payment gateways, API integration, Back-end Data server, gadget compatibility  could cost you somewhere around 50$ per hour/per resource


The Complexity of mobile apps depends on the structure, features, and functionality of your app.  Complex apps require third party integration, multi-language support, customized animations with unique UI/UX design, Complex Back-end, Technical expert resource, etc, would cost you on average 80-100$ per hour/per resource. 

Server and data hosting location

The Server and Data Hosting Plan cost will also contribute to the overall app development cost.

While, the moderate or complex mobile app, just need a back-end server to save the data will be more expensive to host.

Even if you want to develop a mobile app without a physical server and go for Cloud hosting services providers like Amazon Web Servers – AWS should require professionals to host. Which will be again expensive and cost at least in lakhs.

Operating system to develop on

The operating system on which the App is developed like Android or iOS affects the development cost.

There are pros and cons to both hybrid and native app development.

Native apps.

Native Apps focus more on User experience. They work fast and are optimized for performance.

You can also process lots of features at the same time if you have a native app.

Depending on how many different platforms you want to support, native apps will be more expensive.

Native apps are also easier to find in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Examples of native apps include:

  • Apps for entertainment
  • Educational apps
  • Business apps
Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are better for multiple platforms and devices.

They use the same code for each platform, so generally, it’s less expensive to launch a hybrid app.

The user experience isn’t as optimal for hybrid development.

If you have a small or medium-sized lifestyle application, communication app, or simple game, you may want to consider developing a hybrid app.

Native vs Hybrid App - Mobile App Development Company in Chennai - Lia Infraservices

Who builds it: The Mobile App Development Company

  1. Do it by Yourself: Learn how to develop an App and build an App by yourself!

Not highly recommended. Though you can learn how to code and do it yourself, it is not advisable, because it’s not a one-man task! 

  1. Outsource a Freelancer: This is a Better Option to outsource your app-building project to a freelancing company. Again, not recommended for complex apps, which require deep coding knowledge, like Subject matter expertise.
  1. Find a Top Mobile App Development Agency: The cost of hiring a mobile app development specialist agency depends on the size of the organisation, their achievements, project portfolio, Live App – success rate etc.

Hidden final costs

Many of you might simply overlook the Post development or the recurring cost involved in mobile app development.

  1. Annual Subscription Fees (if any)
  2. Third-party services like SMS, email, and push notifications and API integrations.
  3. AMC – Annual Maintenance cost + Feature add on in the future.


Everyone’s Mobile App requirement would need a unique touch to get the idea developed, which reflects the overall Mobile app development cost.

I hope How long does it take to build an Android or iOS Mobile App in 2021” gives you a clear picture of the app development cost and time factors required to build a mobile app.

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