Why App Maintenance is Important?

Why App Maintenance is Important?

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Every mobile application development needs upkeep. App maintenance is important to deliver the best performance and to keep the app in top shape.

The survival of the app in the market depends upon the User experience.

Modern users will be interested in a seamless app experience. Even a small glitch in performance or usability lets the app user dump this app and move on with another app in the market that delivers the best of its user experience.

As per the report: In 2019, Google has removed almost 7 Lakhs of non-performing or non technically upgraded apps from the Play Store.

Reasons for App Maintenance?

Mobile App Development Company in Chennai doesn’t just stop with the development phase! There comes the maintenance part. 

Why mobile App Maintenance is Important?

It is similar to Setting a completely functional car rolling on the road. The Automobile requires to undergo periodic maintenance for its smooth operation in the long run.

Thus, monitoring and testing the application performance during its usage is quite crucial. The Apps should evolve and be upgraded along with the modern technological compatibility.

Such as,

1. OS version Upgrade

2. Modern Device Compatibility

3. UI/UX Design – Trend Chang

4. Modern Functional needs of User

5. Efficiency – loading speed and overall performance.

Mobile app maintenance includes:

A successful mobile app development company in Chennai doesn’t mean that developed it well, Submitted it to the Google Play Store and do ASO – Apple App Store Optimization!

App Maintenance includes;

1. UI/UX Design Updating:

As televisions have changed from CRT to Modern Plasma or TFT Technology and the picture video quality has evolved from simple pixel resolution to advanced HD to 2K Color Display. Modern Mobile App users tastes may change along with the age. 

You might have developed your app with a popular User Interface couple of years ago! The trends have changed. Popularity is not popular always.

New ideas made humankind invent many new things. Mobile phone and Mobile App is some of the inventions. 

Users lookout for a fresh design and interface. 

Design Change is Based on 2 Things:

1. Change in Design Trends – Visual Illusion, Color Pattern, screen size and resolution.

2. Launch of New and modern Mobile gadgets – Such as Mobile Devices (smartphones), Google Glasses, Android/ios Watches etc.

Don’t get your mobile app cut off from the modern trends – Stay updated!

2. Functional Updates:

Generally, a Mobile app would be launched in the market after the alpha and beta test is done. The user feedback is not just obtained at the testing phase but across the usage of the app for the years to come.

Don’t ignore your app users Feedbacks or the comments! 

As an app owner, the way you view the application might vary from the way the User Experiences it.

With their feedback, you can understand what functions the users like and what functions they look forward to in addition.

After all, the App is developed just for the Users – The typical source for your business success.

Understanding the App Functional Usage:

With the help of mobile app analytics, you can understand what function and continuously used by the users and what function is kept less or untouched.

For example:

a) In general 45% of the features in your mobile app are not used.

b) In about just over 20% of the users land on a particular feature.

c) Majority of app user Leave out at a particular page or function.

These factors let us decide what function users want – to be improvised and what functions or features to be scraped off. 

3. Platform Compatibility:

Year on year the Android and iOS is releasing new updated versions. 

For example Android Version list – No codename to Oreo, Pie, Android 10, Android 11.

iOS Versions List – iOS 1 to  iOS 11, iOS 12.

If your mobile up is outdated, it is obvious the functions of the app face compatibility issues.

Note: Before launching a new version of OS in the market to the public, the Os version will be made available to the Developers to do the Alpha testing.

At this time itself, the developers can check the compatibility issues of the existing app with the OS and fix them.

Proactive measures will keep the app compatible with the newly released version so that the end-users do not face the glitch.

As the users update their gadgets, it’s time for the app owners to upgrade the Design pattern, Platform or OS compatibility check and do new Functional or feature additions. 

Factors involved in App Maintenance Cost?

App Maintenance cost depends upon the number of operating systems the app supports. Such as Android, iOS or Windows, etc. 

In addition, the App maintenance cost includes;

1. Yearly Hosting Charges:

Every app needs a hosting space to save its database securely.

Various hosting plans available in the market are;

1. Physical Servers – Physical Hard disk acts as the Personal hosting space with multiple limitations.

2. Cloud Hosting – AWS is popular and affordable in the market. Because you will only pay for the hosting space you use.

2. Subscription of Analytics Tools:

Analytics plays a crucial role in monitoring the functional usage of the app by the users.

These loots give you a lot of information such as,

The source of traffic is coming from what 

  • OS
  • Platforms
  • Region
  • Language
  • The age group of users
  • Frequency of app usage etc.

These analytical tools, will forecast and suggest essential app optimization to avoid bugs, app loading speed, device or screen Compatability issues and glitches.

3. App Store Optimization and Marketing Cost:

This is where an App Store Optimization enters into the picture. The purpose of the mobile app is to solve the user’s requirements without the human interface effectively through the app itself. 

For which the app has to get identified by the end-user to get it downloaded on their smart devices.

To make the reach happen or bring the app to the top of the Google Play Store or Apple App Store so that the app gets easily found and downloaded. 

An App Store Optimization team can help you take your app to the targeted audience, with a specific consultation cost.     

How to reduce app maintenance cost?

A lot of attention given during the coding stage itself can save a lot of money.

You can hire or assign a dedicated expert from the Mobile App Development Company in Chennai. obviously, there involves the Maintenance cost for the time spent by the app expert to implement changes and monitor the performance periodically.  


The cost involved in the mobile app development – testing, maintenance and up-keeping of the app will save a lot of time and effort you have invested in developing the Android or iOS app in the first place.

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