Best Healthcare App Development Company in 2022

Best Healthcare App Development Company in 2022

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In this blog we are going to look at the Best Healthcare App Development Company in 2022 by Lia Infraservices, the Leading Mobile App Development Company in Chennai. We will also throw light on the process of flutter app development in Saudi Arabia to build a cross-platform mobile app development company.

Healthcare apps are mainly developed with the purpose to assist users in monitoring and managing their medical issues, fitness goals, hospital visits, or insurance claims through their mobile phones. This includes Video consultation/Telemedicine, lab results reviews, buying drugs,  and pharmaceuticals, schedule doctor appointments, and other global healthcare services.

As we all know that Digital Technology has pervaded and merged nearly every aspect of our existence. Post the pandemic there are dozens of mobile healthcare apps in the market. We are going to see one of the “Best Healthcare App Development Company in Chennai, India & Saudi Arabia”. Because of its high valued benefits, the healthcare app development enables medical practitioners and doctors to track their patients’ health records and make their jobs easier.

Concerned about providing sound health for your patients?

We build Healthcare Mobile APP for 

  • Online Doctor Consultation APP
  • Wellness APP
  • Fitness APP
  • Multi- Clinic APP

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Building your first Healthcare app?

Check out the top 7 considerations you should look at before building your first healthcare app development.

7 Things To Consider Before Starting the Healthcare App Development in 2022: 

7 Things To Consider Before Starting the Healthcare App Development in 2022 - Lia Infraservices

No.1: Choose your desired mobile platform.

No.2: Define your target audience. –

No.3: Pick a monetization strategy.

No.4: Meet Data Security Requirements

No.5: Choose primary and secondary App features

No.6: Choose Healthcare App Tech Stack 

No.7: Test your App for Bugs.

Healthcare Mobile App Development Tech Stack

Leading Healthcare app development company in 2022, Lia Infraservices built the healthcare app development based on the need for the patient centred approach and also understands the necessity of (patient)user experience. Such as,

a) Remote monitoring of elderly patients’ health conditions.

b) Consulting global doctors Face to face through the virtual meet.

c) Building health care apps to connect with different medical types of equipment

d) Apps letting the patient share the prescription with doctors, lab tests, pharmacists, Dietician etc.

e) Ambulance access based on the emergency or find the nearest hospital or drug store with the help of GPS location.

Average cost of Healthcare App Development in Saudi Arabia:

The cost of Healthcare app Development varies as per the type of App and its inbuilt functions.

Type of Healthcare Mobile App:

Types of Healthcare App Development - Lia Infraservices
  1. Fitness App –

These applications assist people in keeping track of their health and fitness by delivering various training regimens, such as Body Weight Reduction, Body Toning, Weight Gain, Stamina Boosting etc. 

2. Pharmacy or Drug Dispensary App –

Which lets the Doctor or the patient to share or the pharmacist to access the precipitation and bill and dispatch the Medicine. Or the user can find the nearby Medical store using the Mobile App GPS location.

3. Health Insurance App –

This app lets the patient file the Insurance claim or manages or monitor the family or group insurance policy.  

4. Diet & Nutrition App –

This app lets the patient or the user connect with the dietician or the nutritionist for their obesity-related disease.

5. Health Monitoring App: –

There are several types of health tracking apps available based on the disease such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular, allergies etc

6. Online Doctor Consultation App

This app makes the user or the patient to find the medical specialist, schedule appointments, make video consultations and pay over an online gateway.  

The cost for Building Healthcare App Development in 2022:

The App Development Cost Also depends upon various factors;

  • Design Cost
  • Platform-Specific
  • Technology Specific
  • The complexity of the App
  • API’s Used 

On an average, the cost of healthcare application development is approximately $35,000 to $1,50,000 with the timeline between 3 months to 9 months.


We provide cost-effective healthcare app solutions and cutting-edge technology to help you empower your software and add value for your customers. Contact Lia Infraservices – Android and ios Mobile App Development company in Chennai has created over 100 software products such as
Healthcare app development company

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  • Educational app developers

For clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses, and have over 8 years of experience in the IT Industry. 

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