Mobile App Development Cost in Chennai

Mobile App Development Cost in Chennai

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Mobile app development cost is one of the main factors for any entrepreneur to consider when they start thinking about a new idea or product.

But, It is very difficult to answer for any Mobile app development company in Chennai. The cost of mobile app development varies based on the development company’s geographical location.

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Are you curious to know about the reason for Cost variation to build Mobile App Development?

Most of the companies in a different part of the world decide the cost based on their defined hourly cost of the development.

The established mobile app development company in Chennai has developed many varieties of mobile App, their hourly development cost would be much higher than a newly started mobile app development company.

At the initial stage, the mobile app development company gives a lot of discounts on their hourly rates and concentrates more on building their portfolio.

Cost variation to build Mobile App Development in Chennai - Lia infraservices

But, on average, even the newly setup mobile app development company costs anywhere between $10 to $20 per hour for the entire mobile app development life cycle.

The established mobile app development company can cost more than $50 per hour.

A simple mobile App may take anywhere between 300 to 400 hours per platform.

So, if you are looking for both Android and iOS – The App Development hours would be around 800 hours.

formula to calculate App development cost - lia infraservices

So, the cost may be around $800*10 = $8000 for a simple mobile App.

But, don’t forget the time it would take for the UI/UX, project management, Documentation, Backend Admin panel, API connection, QA. So, you may have to add another 500 hours to the least. 

Various cost factors to build Mobile App Development - Lia infraservices

That makes the total development hours 800+500 = 1300 hours. That raises the cost to $13000.

Generally, the mobile app development company has many experience levels of their developers. An experienced developer may complete a project in 1000 hours, whereas a little lesser experienced team may take around 1300 hours to complete the same project.

So, the hourly rates would again change based on the availability of the team at the moment of getting the project, the experienced team would cost more on hourly rate than the less experienced team.

Must-Have Features of Mobile Application:

Must-Have Features of Mobile Application - Lia infraservices

The hour of development also increases based on the features that need to be enabled on the App.

Feature like;

  • Google Map
  • Authentication
  • Geo Location
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Video calling integration
  • Chat options
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Shipping partner integration

Mobile App development is not a single-time task. There are multiple updates needed once the product hits the market. So, you may have to get the mobile app development company engaged for the next 6 months to 1 year on its Support, maintenance, and updates. 

This may also need to be considered when considering the total costing. 

Similarly, a simple mobile app development cost varies rapidly based on multiple criteria Such as the platform build – Android or iOS or the type of environment its works in such as Hybrid or Native Application. Thus the cost of the application can’t be given as a fixed price.

Reasons for Mobile App Development Cost variation:

1. Client Requirement Specification:

2. Who develops(the company) the Mobile Application

3. Nature of the App – Commercial or Self-use

4. Technology or the Language Used to build

5. The functions and features of the mobile app

6. Custom Application with added up paid Plugins

7. The Country where the app is getting built.

8. The longer it takes to build, the more expensive it will be.

All the above factors will determine the cost that you are going to spend to get your mobile app developed.

Types of Mobile Apps build for a different purpose:

Each and every mobile app is built to serve a particular purpose.  Based on the functionality of the mobile app the type of app varies along with the development cost.

various types of mobile apps across the world - Lia infraservices

1. Data-Driven App – Calculator, Stopwatch, Magnetic Compass

2. Device App – iTunes

3. Functionality App 

4. Custom Utility App 

5. Game App 

Mobile App Development Life Cycle – Cost Break-up: 

Mobile App Development Life Cycle - Cost Break-up

There is a certain amount of cost involved in every phase of the application development life cycle. Where the experts of a particular domain are utilized in every module to deliver a great performing mobile app.

1. UI UX Design Cost

2. Front End & Backend Coding – Development Cost

3. Data Security 

4. Mobile App Architecture

5. Usability Testing Cost

Quality of the App is Proportional to Cost:

The best quality is associated with the expert mobile app developers involved in the development work.

Most important the Quality and the efficiency of the Mobile App with the amount of money spent on building the mobile app along with the periodic maintenance cost is going to determine the uplift or the downfall of the Mobile App. 

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