Steps to Setup Amazon Seller Account

Steps to Setup Amazon Seller Account

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How to Setup an Amazon Seller Account in the popular E-Commerce Seller portal.

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Before you begin the step-by-step process of setting up your Amazon Seller Account and Seller Central area, there are a few things you should do ahead of time to ensure that the setup process runs as easily as possible:

Steps to Setup an Amazon Seller Account – Registration Process:

Step 1: Documents Required to sign in Seller Account:

  1. GST Mandatary ( without GST exceptional GST products can only be sold)

2. Official Email ID

3. 2 Valid Phone numbers

4. PAN mandatory

5. Current Account or even Savings account ( within 5L) is eligible.

Setup Amazon Seller Account and Start Selling Online with Ease.

Step 2: How to do Product Listing:

1. If the products you are about to sell are already available in Amazon for purchase then you can simply choose the respective category and list your product.

2. Add up Product Title, Description , Details with specification, features and Photograph,video. 

Step 3: Store & Deliver Option :

3 options available:

a)Fulfilment by Amazon: Your products will be stored in Amazon warehouse, billed, packed and delivered by Amazon.  

b) Easy Ship:You store the product, bill it, pack it and amazon ship it.

c) Self ship: The seller stores and ships the products through 3rd party courier service.

Step 4: Product Category:

Step 5: Create New Listing:

Step 6: Update Product Offers:

Step 7: Payments from AMAZON:

Once the verification process is completed, your payment for the orders will be credited in your bank account once in every 7 days post deducting the amazon commission. Transaction Statements can be found in Seller Central Profile any time. 

Sponsored ADS

 (only pay when your ad is clicked)

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are ads for individual product listings on They appear within shopping results pages and on product detail pages.

Sponsored Brands

 These ads contain your brand logo, a custom headline, and a selection of your products. Ads appear on product result page & Product detail page.

Step 8: Stores (FREE website ID with

Stores are custom-multipage shopping destinations on for individual brands. They let you highlight your brand story and product offering – Looks like  a website

Sponsored Display:

 Display Ads – highlight your product on as well as on other channels. Sponsored Display helps you to reach your audience based on relevant shopping activities and their interests

Advantages of Sponsored Ads:

Get Discovered:

Ads appear in highly visible placements within the shopping results page or on the product details page of

Control costs

Pay only for the clicks your ads receive.

Step 9: Costing and Amazon FEES:

Promotional Cost for different product catagory:

Limited time offer for new Seller Enrollment:

>>>Weight handling & shipping fee is based on the product dimension and cost – starts at 29 Rs per unit.

Representing a Brand Comes under Amazon Advertising

Amazon Seller account vs Amazon Business Account

  1. ASA: Sell on Amazon
  2. ABA: Bulk Purchase on Amazon for your business at discount price.

  • If you are listing a non-branded product, then you should use Generic in the brand attribute field.


Step 3: Register for Amazon Ads

  1. I have a Seller Central account – 

2. I have a brand account – 

  1. I represent a brand

It’s crucial to spend time getting your business ready for customers, but after your account is set up, you can start adding inventory and getting your store up and running!

Once you’ve sorted out these details, you’ll have all the necessary background knowledge to set up your store in an efficient manner. 

Fore more information on how to set up an Amazon Seller Account? – Contact Lia Infraservices. We are experts in setting up and managing multi vertical industries business accounts on Amazon seller portal and also promote their brands on Social Media Management Company in Chennai.

Thousands of digital consumers use Amazon Portal every day, making it the most well-known international online marketplace.

Figures and statistics demonstrate that Amazon is a tremendously successful Digital Marketing sales channel, both locally and globally. 

So what’s keeping your ecommerce companies from focusing more on Amazon Sales?

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