How we built an OLX like Marketplace App in 2022

How we built an OLX like Marketplace App in 2022

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Recently we at Lia Infraservices – No.1 Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, started working on an OLX like Marketplace App with the features, enabling the user buy, sell, raise a task or accept tasks from Android mobile, iOS Mobile, Web App and all other digital gadgets. 

It’s going to be an incredible app that lets the user do everything at the touch of a finger.

Basically a classified mobile app has a higher outreach then an ordinary e-commerce app.

The highlight of this Marketplace app:

It supports 

  • B2C (business to consumer), 
  • B2B (business to business), 
  • C2C (consumer to consumer)

Enabling  anyone can sell or purchase or post a task or accept a task, chatt or anything on these platforms by reaching a wide market of potential Users.

Few Example of Popular Marketplace Apps that are widely used in India &Globally;

  • OLX
  • Sulekha
  • Quicker
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist, etc.

Advantage of this OLX like Marketplace App:

These apps help online marketers, advertisers, and freelancers effectively and cost-effectively promote their services and businesses, as well as target clients. A customized buy and sell classified mobile app may be the ideal option for your needs whether you are a small business or a marketing expert seeking for a competent advertising solution.

Important features and functionalities:













The vital characteristics of a Marketplace OLX like Mobile app:

  • The app allows quick and easy registration and login
  • The users can post Free/Paid Ads along with their verified contact details
  • The users can buy/sell products like electronic gadgets, cars, bikes, mobile devices, furniture pieces, fashion apparel and accessories, books, etc.
  • List a job or find a job based on Date, Price range, Popularity or catagory (Remote or In Person work), offer a quote, grab the job on acceptance. 
  • They can use the search option to locate their preferred buyer/seller location.
  • Private chatting options with the vendors to know about the product condition and negotiate the price.
  • Real-time notifications about new products and buyers or sellers who are nearby
  • Availability of attractive deals and discount offers.

Notable Benefits of our OLX Like Marketplace Mobile APP:

1. For APP Users: (Buyer,Seller, Job Poster, Job Seeker)

Efficient:  OLX like MarketPlace mobile apps make things so much easier for users. They merely need to register with the app, take a few images of the product on their mobile, and create an appropriate product description and specifications, as well as the expected price and contact information.  They can easily locate potential buyers for their products by posting an ad for free or at a specific cost.

Attracts customers: A classified app offers a diverse range of products from various sellers/service providers, at n attractive prices and offers. This keeps users engaged because they are not restricted to only one buyer or job bidder.

Convenience: Olx like Marketplace Mobile apps make it easy to submit and manage buy/sell advertising while on the go. Anyone, at any time and from any location, can place an ad using the olx like apps. Take a picture of the item, add a description, and your ad is ready to go.

2. For APP Owners:

Growable Business Model: When compared to an eCommerce site, developing a buy sell classified mobile app is a considerably lesser investment with a lower financial risk. This is because the Marketplace apps require no inventory investment. Without any investment, the app owner may quickly acquire new clients and expand their operations.

Consistent Revenue in-flow: Buy-sell classified apps might help you produce a steady stream of income. There are a variety of monetization options available. OLX-like marketplace apps make money by charging for premium listings, while others rely on a commission-based strategy.

  • Featured Listing
  • Commission on Selling
  • Display 3rd party Ads

What Lia Infraservice is Offering?

  1. Modern UI/UX Design to Boost user engagement.
  2. Rate & Review Features to validate the authenticity of information.
  3. Provide RObust Data Security to protect User’s profile Data from cybercriminals.

Tech-Stack Utilized to build OLX like Mobile APP:

Mobile Platform: Flutter for both Android, iOS

Web: Angular JS

Payment gateway: Hyper Pay

Real-time app analytics: Google Analytics

Push notifications: Firebase

Database: MongoDB

Cloud environment: AWS

How much does it cost to build an OLX like Marketplace Mobile APP in India? 

The Cost to build an OLX like Marketplace MObile App Development in Chennai is typically based on various factors involved in App Development.

  1. The quality UI/UX Design
  2. Platform it is built on – Android/ iOS, etc
  3. App size & modules
  4. Number of Hours or resources required to develop it
  5. The location of app development – India, Australia, USA
  6. Development Cost per Hour – It depends on the Skill Set of the Development team.
  7. The Third party API integration costs – Payment gateway, messenger, GMB, Maps,etc


OLX like marketplace apps offer smart solutions to shoppers & sellers on a global scale. So, if you are planning to invest in building an OLX-like marketplace app then, Lia Infraservices – The Leading Mobile App Development Company in Chennai can be your best choice to rely on to build a distinguished app and stand beyond the competition. 

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