How to Overcome Fake Google Ad Clicks

How to Overcome Fake Google Ad Clicks

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Any business is profitable if the revenue earned is more than the budget spend. In this blog, we let you know “How to Overcome Fake Google Ad Clicks” and increase profitability. 

As you know, most of the consumers have become frequent web users, it is now viable for the entrepreneurs to move towards the online portal to find and reach their targeted customers. 

Google Ads plays a vital role in connecting the product or service provider with the consumer interested in that particular service or product.

How to Overcome Fake Google Ad Clicks - Know how?

Approach experts to overcome Fake Google Ad Clicks:

If you have created a good Ad Content and have a big budget to spend on Google Ads, It simply doesn’t mean that you can strike the market with your Google Ad campaign.   

Big or Small, the size doesn’t matter. The cost of your Ad campaign differs, based on your keyword bidding volume. A PPC Campaign Online Marketing Expert hand will do the wonders.

Why Google Ads?

With more and more people spending most of their time online, Google Ads allows them to create and present Ads on the websites where their audience are interested in.

What is Pay Per Click – PPC?

Google Ads gets charges based on the Pay Per Click concept. It means, the Ad Campaign is free for viewing but gets charged when a user clicks on the Ad. 

As the name suggests “Cost Per click” the ad gets charges per every click. 

Ad Positioning:

AdWords get placed on the top of the search result, the bottom of the first page or at the top and bottom of the second or third page. The positioning is typically based on the keywords bid value and the daily budget allocated.

Every click is valuable, fraud click is a disaster.

What is Fraud Click?

Any un prospective click received from a bad wisher is considered to be a fraud click. The fraud click is made intentionally to burnout the campaigners pocket by exhausting the campaign budget. Mostly the fraudsters focus their fake clicks on the high volume keywords to avoid competition so that their Ad gets better placement on the Search engine.     

Types of Fake Google Ad Clicks:

Fraud clicks can happen due to the following reasons,

1. Bots There are Bots designed and developed to scrap the SIGN-UP form. Whereas the other type of Bots designed to click on the Ads multiple times to deplete the Ad Budget.

2. Web Crawlers Also called Spiderbot by Google. The crawler will attempt to access the pages that redirect for indexing. (for example, 4 extensions in Ad words will attract 4 clicks by crawler) 

3. Click Farms – Click farms are the places where a large group of low -paid workers hired to click on the Paid Ads.

4. Competitors – Business competitors click on the Ads out of curiosity 

              Are your clicks costing more than what you earn from it?

How to Overcome Fake Google Ad Clicks?

1. The best viable solution is to rely on the “Google Ad Traffic Quality Team”, who continuously monitors and controls the clicks obtained through the Invalid Keywords by marking it as Negative Keywords.

2. Check Google analytics for IP addresses for the repeated clicks from the same IP and stop it to prevent further clicks.

Are your Google Ads worth the Clicks?

Yes –  Google Ads are worthy if the bid rate of your service or product-specific keyword is lesser or the overall Cost Per Click is lesser than the revenue you earn from this ad campaign.

No – Google Ads are not worthy of the budget spent on an Ad campaign is more than the revenue earned from the ad campaign.

Choose the Expert Digital Marketing Service Companies?

Lia infraservices is one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, India, Singapore, USA and Newzealand. They can take care of your Google AdWords, Pay Per Click – PPC campaigns, etc. 

Follow the market best Digital Marketing practices or Contact the Experts, who can help you Overcome Fake Google Ad Clicks and get more visitors to your website, by reach, traffic, Conversion and Lead Generation Ads.

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