Simple Hack To Rank Image in Google Search 2022

Simple Hack To Rank Image in Google Search 2022

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Image Reading and Object Recognition in Images is an important and greatly challenging task in computer vision. Lia Infraservices – Leading Digital Marketing Company in Chennai gets you the “ Simple Hack To Rank Image in Google Search in 2022“. In this blog we are going to look into the new Google AI Tool ( A part of Google Cloud Vision), that involves the Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence Algorithm tool to understand the images.

Though Google has never disclosed the algorithm it follows to rank images on top of Google Image Search. We the no.1 SEO company in Chennai simply adopt Google’s recently launched Cloud Vision API tool to analyse and improve images to occupy a better position in Google image Search result.

How Google Image AI Tool analyze an Image?

There are multiple ways by which Google classifies the characteristics of an image. 

  1. Face Recognition: It detects the emotion in the image personality face. If the image is clear, Google AI will recognize the smile on the person’s face – Joy/Happy Person

Image: Joy/Happy Person with all image characteristics based on AI

  1. Object Recognition:

Object recognizes what glasses or clothes, Cap etc, the person in the image is wearing.

  1. Identity Labels: 

Labels identify if the image is original photograph or an portrait

  1. Web Entities: 

Show the descriptive words that are associated with the image, say Title & Caption within Image Banner.

  1. Properties: 

Are the Colour texture and font style used in the images.

  1. Safe Search : 

Safe Search tells if the image has unsafe content or age restrictive images.

Google uses image captions, alt text, file name and the text surrounding the image in order to understand the image and use it for ranking purposes.

Google appears to have the ability to read words in images.

Simple hacks to optimize image in Google Search

1. Name Image Correctly : Depict the working keyphrase in image file name.

2. Compress Image Resolution: A higher resolution image will take time to load. So, stick to standard web image resolution of 72dpi.

3. Give Appropriate Image Captions: Attractive image captions will kindle the interest among the viewers.

4. Add images in XML Sitemaps: Similar to website page content indexing – Google also index images on the site. So, don’t skip it.

5. Reduce image file size: Apart from optimising resolution, smaller the image file size means better the loading time.

6. Make Images Device responsive: Optimize the image size based on the device the image is going to get loaded.

7. Create Alt Image Tag: In case of a weak network signal, the image cant be seen. Then the image alt tag will serve as the image description. 

8. Stick to the image file type: Make sure the image file type ( JPEG/WebP/AVIF/GIF/RAW, etc) is recognizable and compatible with the device to get loaded smoothly. 

9. Optimize image placement: Pacing the image in the appropriate position will help the viewers in better understanding of the content.

10. Follow Google AI Image Publishing Guidelines: This makes your image easily understandable by the computer and helps to rank better and drive in more web traffic.

Step by Step Process to Setup the Google Image Vision API:

Step 1:

To Check your Image is optimized as per Google Vision AI guidelines. Got to

Cloud Vision API

Step 2:

Click on button : Try Vision AI for FREE

Try vision AI for free

Step 3:

or For instantons result Simple Drag your Web image and drop in the provision

TRY the API block

Try the Image API

For example; I am going to try drag and drop one of our recent blog banner image. File name: 10-Reasons-Why-Small-Business-can’t-Ignore-SEO-in-2022

Select the check mark – I am not a robot.

Drop image and try the API

Step 4:

That’s it. Now you can obtain the images features.


Obtain Image features - objects


Obtain Image features - Labels


Obtain Image features - Text


Obtain Image features - Poperties

Safe Search:

Obtain Image features - Safe Search


To conclude, Lia Infraservices – Outstanding SEO Company in Chennai tells about simple hacks to rank your image on top of Google image Search. The new Google AI version offers actionable information that could make your images rank better and make them voice assistant friendly, and bring more traffic to your website.

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