How to set up Instagram Guides in 2022?

How to set up Instagram Guides in 2022?

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Do you want to curate photos and albums into a catalogue like content in Instagram Or Wondering how to set up Instagram Guides? Worry not. In this blog Lia Infraservices – The Top Rated Digital Marketing Company in Chennai will help you set up Instagram Guides and promote your business through Organic Social Media Marketing in Chennai and across the Globe. 

What Instagram Guides Can Do?

During 2020, Instagram has primerly enabled the “Guides” feature to promote health and support wellness activities to tackle the Covid outbreak. But now, it is made available for all the users at all business verticals.

Basically Instagram guides are nothing but a set of your personal photos or the photos of your business product that is clubbed into individual albums. It can also be the groups of content put together in the same category. 

Instagram guides allow you to group a mix of 

  • Educational content, 
  • Product information, 
  • Sales team insights, 
  • Behind-the-scenes looks, 

And more into the relevant categories. This makes it easy for your viewers to quickly find and view those posts, rather than scrolling through all of your previous posted content on Instagram – Social Media Marketing in Chennai.

Step  by Step to setup Instagram Guide:

1. Firstly: tap the plus icon on the top-right of your profile page and select “Guide.”

2. Here you can choose from 3 different Instagram Guide formats:

  • Places: Recommend places to visit in your locality or city.
  • Products: Categorise and suggest your favourite products.
  • Posts: Suggest audience to check the posts you created or saved.

Each Instagram Guides post category format is designed to suit a creator’s specific needs. With which the creator can curate a thread of Instagram posts with custom headlines and captions.

Moreover Products can only be used to curate products available in an Instagram Shop. Instagram Guides is a great tool for small, medium or large brands or businesses looking to add extra context or commentary to their shoppable products on Instagram. 

Instagram Guides are the best tool to curate a list of products and recommend it to your audience and increase convenience.

3. Next, choose the type of Instagram guide you want to create and select your content:

choose the type of Instagram guide

Places Guide :

  1. If you’re choosing the Places option, you can pick from a location listed on Instagram. 
  1. Select that location (or place) and upload up to five posts from the content related to that location.
  1. If you run a local business with a physical location, this could be a great way to highlight or showcase your business location.

Products Guide :

  1. The Products option lets you pull in Instagram posts related to a particular single product category. 
  1. After you select Products as the Instagram Guide type, you then have to choose from an Instagram Shop. 
  1. The shops of accounts you follow will populate first and you can scroll through those or search for a specific account’s shop.
  1. After you select the shop, choose the product you want to feature and then select the posts associated with that product. 

Note: You can only feature one product per guide.

Posts Guide :

  1. If you select the Posts option, you can choose from posts on your own Instagram profile or saved posts of other accounts. 
  1. Select the posts you want to include from either the Your Posts or Saved tabs.
  1. If you want to share other people’s content to your Instagram guide, you’ll have to save their content first. You can choose up to 30 posts to share with a single guide.

How Instagram Guides Work?

Guides can be easily shared to Instagram Stories or with other users by tapping the paper plane icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 


This feature is currently available through the Instagram Explore Page

Instagram user’s Explore page is based on:

  • The accounts that someone already follows
  • What the people an account follows like
  • The types of posts an account engages with often
  • Posts with high engagement

What is the Instagram Explore page?


The Instagram Explore page is a collection of public photos, videos, Reels and Stories tailored to help each individual Instagram user discover posts, accounts, hashtags or products they might like.

The algorithm behind the Instagram Explore page uses machine learning to adapt and improve its content recommendations.

Instagram Guides creates a huge opportunity to scale up the e-commerce business through Social Media Marketing platforms.


Instagram Guides makes it easy for your audience to quickly find and view the user specific posts, rather than scrolling through all of your content. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B brand Contact Lia Infraservices – The Best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai and the No.1 SEO Company in Chennai gets you the plenty of creative ways you can use Instagram guides to gather and group content that best serves your audience.

Google Algorithm or Social Media Algorithms change now and then. Shred your worries of keeping up with Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 or in specific Instagram Guides Feature updates with us and focus on your business. The Digital Marketing Experts at Lia Infraservices can effectively consolidate your Instagram content and showcase it to your audience and turn them into your customers.

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