How to Qualify Your Outbound Links to Google?

How to Qualify Your Outbound Links to Google?

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Qualifying your outbound links to Google will tell the Search Engine about your website relationship with the linked page. Qualifying the outbound links to Google is possible by using one of the following rel attribute values in the <a> tag. If you are not an expert in developing qualified links you can always approach Lia Infraservices – the professional SEO Company in Chennai

Rel Attributes

A) rel=“sponsored”

You can mark the paid links with rel=”sponsored” such as advertisements and paid placements. Search engine king “Google” earlier recommended the nofollow attribute to be used for sponsored links, so it’s still an acceptable means of flagging them. However, the sponsored value is more chosen as of the current 2021 update.

B) rel=“ugc”

UGC or user-generated content. Mark the links like comments and forum posts with the rel=”ugc” value. Google accepts and lets you remove this attribute from links posted by trustworthy members or users who have regularly made high-quality backlink contributions to your site over time. If you are not willing, you can avoid the UGC with comment spam.

C) rel= “nofollow”

The “nofollow” value can be used when other values do not apply and When you decide to not let Google crawl the linked page from your site. When you don’t want to imply ‘any type of endorsement, including passing along ranking credit to another page. Google note it down and does not consider this page for crawling.

Multiple rel values

Multiple rel values can be split via a simple “space” or a “comma”. Here are some examples:

Multiple rel values

Google advises you to use the robots.txt disallow rule to link the pages within your own website in order to prevent Google from following.

In this blog, we have briefly discussed how Google Link Spam Update 2021 affects affiliate links. However, if you own a blog page or site that often publishes new pages or content such as product reviews, shopping guides, and similar content, then you must continue to read this blog further. Here, follow these facts and guidelines to make sure that this Google Link Spam update does not hurt your future pages.

Google recognizes that affiliate links are a common way for publishers to monetize site traffic. Lia Infraservices – The Leading Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, believes that there is nothing wrong with using affiliate links. But, there is a need to properly categorise and tag these links with the rel=“sponsored” tag. This will compliance with Google’s 2021 algorithm to improve rankings on the search engines for product-related searches. 

High-quality content is always recognized and rewarded. So tagging high-quality content links appropriately will definitely be worth better.

Note: Google says that should they find sites that fail to qualify affiliate links properly.

Hence it is highly recommended for you to issue manual actions to prevent these links from affecting search results. Furthermore, their systems will also likely take Google algorithmic actions toward non-compliant sites. 

In short, both manual and algorithmic actions taken towards a site would mean bad news for its search rankings.

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Don’t Panic!

Google doesn’t usually issue extensive memos for the spam links, containing all the details regarding the changes prior to an update rollout. Instead, what they usually do is just give out a few clues and some helpful tips pertaining to the update. 

It’s always helpful to stay well-informed about the pre-update by doing some research and trying to understand the potential effects on your site post algorithmic update. 

Recommendations: Don’t do major site overhauls 

Don’t do major site overhauls yet in preparation for the update. If you must, just focus on constantly adhering to SEO guidelines 2021 while waiting for further information.

Watch out: Once the update rolls around, do observe for a day or two. See if it impacts your site or other similar sites within your niche. 

Don’t forget to document data concerning site analytics, as this will help you monitor any subsequent changes while the update rolls out fully.

SEO Guidelines to follow:


Obviously, your content is the most important part of your website. It’s also what Google considers as a top-ranking factor.

 In the event of lower rankings on search, try and analyze your content for the following issues:

  • Duplicate posts or content
  • Missing meta tags and headings
  • Poorly written or uninteresting content
  • Lack of keywords

                     Your backlink profile is a huge determining factor in SEO. 

Be careful of unnatural links (artificial links, spam links) as these may cause your page to get penalized by Google. 

Audit all of your inbound links to make sure that they are also working properly and link to updated and relevant content.

Use a tool like Ahrefs to do a backlink profile analysis and weed out spam links. 

Also, check the following below:

  • Check for over-optimized anchor text
  • Check for irrelevant anchor text
  • Look for backlinks from low-quality websites and remove them

2. Technical considerations

It’s highly possible for Google to crawl or index your website several times to check your pages every time a new update is released. As such, we encourage you to check the following technical aspects:

Ensure facilitation of Google’s crawl through clear paths

  • Check canonicals
  • Check your sitemaps
  • Check noindex rules

3. Improve user experience (UX)

There have been a couple of Google updates that focus on user experience and page experience. At Lia Infraservices the UI/UX Design Service in Chennai, we make sure that you please your site users with the appealing UI UX design. We ensure you are offering your users the best possible experience on your site by checking the following:

  1. Optimize your site for mobile: 

Google has a mobile-first index, which means that any site that hopes to see a rankings boost must be optimized for mobile devices. You can check this through Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

  1. Improve user engagement: 

Engaged users are an asset to your site. Ensure that you’re constantly creating interesting, trustworthy content that users will want to read. Use the right keywords and make sure that you are answering searchers’ questions adequately and correctly.

  1. Improve page speed: 

Google reports that 53% of mobile users bounce from slow websites. Particularly, those that take over 3 seconds to load. Pagespeed can greatly affect user experience and therefore hurt your rankings, so check your speed through PageSpeed Insights to see how it can be improved.

  1. Improve site navigation: 

Ensure a seamless navigation experience for your users by creating a streamlined menu and navigation process, creating a sitemap, and ensuring that all links work.

4. Don’t overdo your SEO

Yes, it’s possible to over-optimize! 

While SEO is important, anything that’s too much can be harmful, so don’t overdo it. By ‘overdo,’ we mean including keywords and links that may be irrelevant and/or unrelated to your content just to increase your chances of ranking on Search. It can also look like buying links or over-optimizing anchor texts.

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Make your page secure

Increasing page security is an important aspect of SEO. This means that you should ideally have already moved from HTTP to HTTPS. If not, consider doing it ASAP.

This is because HTTPS sites are more secure and generally more trustworthy. Like we discussed, Google values the large part of trustworthiness is page security.


The Google link spam update will target pages that use excessive cross-linking to partner sites, automated programs that create links to your site and the links that have been bought or sold. Google also states that any links that are unnatural or not editorially placed will be ranked lower in search results.


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