Content writing tips for beginners

Content writing tips for beginners

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Let’s see the Content Writing Tips for Beginners in brief. We as a human being use our voice tone to communicate with others. We fluctuate tone to express our emotions. Now, Just imagine how to communicate to other humans through voiceless writing.

“Content Writing is an art of expressing our thoughts through scripts and alphabets.”

The art of content writing lies in understanding the audience and conveying the right message to them.
Good writers can able to persuade and influence the audience just with their content scripts.

Know your audience. In order to reach a different audience, creative content writing is necessary. The art of Creative Content Writing is a Gods gift from birth.
Others too can cultivate the writing skills and be a Good Content Writer.

Unfortunately bad content fails to reach audience since it doesn’t convey the right message. Content Writing is a skill. It requires a lot of research and plenty of detailing on the subject.

The central idea of the content must have a steady depiction of the facts in the content. Establish and maintain a positive connection with the readers throughout the topic.

Step by Step Content Writing Tips for the Beginners:

1. Research on Key Points:

First, finalize a topic. Once the topic is selected, note down the generic points which come to your mind.
Now its time to enter into the research zone. Do a lot of research on the topic and note down the key points.
Plan the content flow.

2. Unique Writing style

Understand the key points and write them in your own way. Unique writing styles always outstand the crowd.
Put the Points in a simple way. focus more on the details then the vocabulary.
Keep the information crisp and clear. A lengthy content may turn off the audience or make the informative content boring. So keep the content short and simple.

3. Stick to the topic:

It is important to stick on the topic. Wandering around a different topic may divert the reader.
Focus on the lead topic, it is ok to discuss a bit about the related topic. Notifying the related things with supporting points will strengthen and advocate the prime topic.
Don’t mix different ideas and concepts in one content. Bringing in different ideas may easily deviate the reading flow.
Don’t include the information that is not related to the prime topic directly.

4. Think Creatively:

Every content revolves around 3 major factors:

  • Topic
  • Idea
  • View

Many content writers may have picked the same topic and the factual Ideas will not vary much.
But, what matters the most is “View”. Everybody could able to see the topic and subject in their own angle and can have different opinion and views.

Impose your views and give a good makeover to the content. This will make your article or blog unique from others and gain the necessary audience attention.

5. Apt Title – Builds curiosity:

Think differently. Think creatively. Put more effort on topic selection.
The audience doesn’t know about whats their inside the content until or unless they click to open the article.
All that matter is “The Best and Attractive Title” which help to stop the audience and build curiosity to know what’s inside the content.

Keep the Headline and the first paragraph intact. Because many readers have the habit of reading the first paragraph to decide on to read further or not.

6. Be factual and simple:

As mentioned earlier, stick on the topic. As a rule, build the entire content on the core idea with a lot of factual information.
Subsequently, factual and realistic information will make your content reliable and trustworthy.
Therefore, keep your audience in mind, focus on their Domain, age factor, gender etc plays a major role.

Make sure the targeted audience is able to read your article and understand it effectively.

Note: Keep Paragraph short, sentences simple and the words readable.

7. Edit – Post writing:

Quality check is always recommended for error-free work.

Don’t publish the unedited article. Proofreading is a must to avoid errors.

  • Edit 1: Remove the sentence which is not relevant to the topic.
  • 2: Use the right font in the right place. present your article with the right font to make it more readable.
  • 3: Grammer, spell, and punctuation check. There are plenty of free SPell and Grammer check tools available online.
  • Edit 4: Check for the Content flow. The proper arrangement of apt subheadings.
  • Edit 5: Proper redirection with internal links. Identify the keywords and redirect using an anchor tag to make the audience read more about the keyword.

Deliver Knowledge through content writing. Above all Content writer and the reader should be benefited.
If the article is so good or contradictory, then readers will be fond to reply back in the comment section with to appreciate or criticize.
In short, your article should make your audience interact with you through feedback.

Take the feedback seriously, this will helps you to improve over time. Don’t reach for the negative feedback, respond gently. Coming into the public form you should learn to be a broad-minded person.

Follow Content Writing Tips for beginners to be a successful content writer.

10 Different Content Writing Styles:

1. Journals Style:

Covers the entire Breaking news with a single attention grasping title.

2. SEO copywriters:

Write good strategic Search Engine Optimized – SEO web content to make the site rank better organically and attract more traffic.

3. UX writers:

They are analytical writers. Eg, Help guide in the web or desktop application. Error or redirection message. UX designer & writer will make the user navigate through the web pages with proper guidance like an error message and transactional message.

4. Lead generation writer:

Attract potential customers to move closer to the sale. Eg, web Banner ads, Landing pages, call to action, Sales letter etc.

5. Subject Matter expert:

Someone with deep subject knowledge and have a better understanding of the industry. Compared to the person from respective domain knowledge can able to come up with detailed facts where a generalist content writer cant.
Eg, shipping & logistics, financial consultants etc

6. Influencer writing:

A popular person quoted or image on advertisements will always influence his/ followers.

7. Social Media Writer:

They know how to converse and interact with the global audience on a social platform.
They are aware of the best time to post on different networks to gain more user views.
Particularly Social Media Marketing- SMM plays a major role in influencing online product sales and brand promotion activities.

8. Newspaper/Ad writer:

Advertising copywriter knows how to make the best use of limited space to convey the whole concept.

9. Technical Writer:

Is similar to subject matter experts. Technical writers can make complex matter easily understandable. Eg, Guides, user Manual, instructions etc.

10. Business proposal/Letter writing:

They are experts to understanding the essence of the thing and we’ve them into the business proposal in a structured formal format.

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