How to provide access to Google My Business?

How to provide access to Google My Business?

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There may be a situation where you need to provide access to Google My Business listing profile to your team or any service providers to manage your business listing. Lia Infraservices the best SEO Company in Chennai gives you a better understanding of how to let your service provider or authorized agent handle your Business Listing profile securely.

Decide on the role to provide.

  1. Owner
  2. Manager 

However, inviting someone to be the admin/owner or the site manager should be handled with utmost care. Because at a business established stage the service vendor or the employee who manages the business listing account can revoke the access to the site owner or simply ill- respond to the reviews or mistreat your customers. 

To regain access to the business listing account the site owner needs to redo the entire verification process again, but still lose all the valuable customer reviews, goodwill and credits.

For SEO related Business listing management – you can always rely on the expert SEO Company in Chennai. Who manages your business account with the utmost care and dedication. 

Learn how to provide access to Google My Business for Owner or manager - by Lia Infraservices the best SEO Company in Chennai

5 Steps to Provide Secured Access to Google My Business Users:

Step 1 :

Sign in to Google my Business –

Click on Manage now

Step 2 : 

Click on the listing

Setup to provide access to Google My Business users by Lia Infraservices - No.1 Digital marketing Comapny in Chennai

Step 3 :

Click on “Users”

Let the users manage your Business profile directly on Google Search & Maps

Step 4 :

Click on Add Users

Add or manage users to manage your Google my Business profile

Step 5 :

Type in their email address to provide access and select the role and click “Invite

Select the Users role and invite them with email id to give access - Lia Infraservices the best SEO Company in Chennai

Google My Business Overview:

It gives your potential users easy visibility about your operating hours, location & services. It provides easy access to contact you without even entering into the website just by a click of the button. Be a quick point of contact to catch your user reviews, increase sales and boost your business locally. 

To Conclude:

These 5 steps will help you give access to your clients or users for Google My Business. 

If you are still wondering how to provide access or Add or Remove a user from Google My Business, you can always contact Lia Infraservices – The Specialist in SEO Services in Chennai and the leading Digital Marketing Company in Chennai

SEO Service in Chennai - Lia Infraservices

Google My Business is now Google Business Profile. Read on to know more about Google Algorithm Update 2021 by Search Engine Journal.

Check out the benefits of GMB for Small Businesses about How to rank higher on Google My Business.

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