Cloud migration from On-Premise to Cloud without downtime?

Cloud migration from On-Premise to Cloud without downtime?

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Downtime is essential during on-premise to cloud migration:

The majority of the organizations who wish to move their entire infrastructure or a single server from On-Premise to Cloud, haunt with the fear of downtime.

Downtime is a cost for any organization. The transition of data over the public internet or Virtual private network to the cloud will definitely cause downtime. It is necessary to maintain data consistency for both the source and the server. It is found that downtime is quite necessary to a certain extent.

Is there any technology or solution which does the migration without any downtime?

There are few technologies like VMware-hcx which actually extends the layer 2 networks from one side to the other, but this is only possible for the like environments, where both the source and the target are vSphere based environments.

What’s the real life challenge during cloud Migration:

In the real situation, most of the customers have their servers either in physical or virtual form and they prefer to move to a public cloud like AWS, Azure and other clouds like Open stack or vSphere. In that case, the source and the target are of two different environments with different underlying technology, so it would be difficult to replicate the solution which is provided by VMware HCX.

When we do a cloud migration from physical data centres into the AWS cloud, which has different underlying technology and they need different drivers set to work properly. So, it’s quite important to make sure the necessary drivers and tools get installed on the target instance/VM to make the VM function properly. 

Recommendation to have data consistency:

It is always safe to disable the application service. For example – MySQL, running on the source server to reduce the disk IO and get all the files/data moved to the target cloud. But that is possible only with downtime.

Cloud Migration with minimal downtime:

There are few cloud migration tools that have mastered the skills of doing cloud migration like AWS cloud migration or Azure cloud migration with near-zero downtime.

There are few techniques like continuous sync or scheduled sync that makes sure the source and the target areas are close to each other before the final cutover and that reduces the downtime.


It is always recommended to schedule the migration of critical servers during non-business hours. This will reduce the impact of even minimal downtime.

An experienced and well-known cloud migration team – Lia Infraservices can help to plan and do the necessary checks before starting the migration and that makes sure a successful cloud migration with minimal downtime.

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