Azure Cloud Migration Services

Most of the organisations associated with Microsoft Technologies for a period of time and as Microsoft has come up with it's public cloud offerings, the trust and reliability makes Azure a sought after destinations for migrating the servers into.

Azure public cloud has been growing exponentially and most of the organisations are considering to migrate their servers or applications into Azure. Azure provides with the pay as you go model, which offers a great extent of flexibility for the enterprises to migrate their servers or application into Azure.

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Azure Integration

Our expert team of cloud migration would help you assess your production environment, whether it's a physical or virtual environment.

Azure cloud migration assessment is one of the initial phases which determines if the server or the application from On-premises should be migrated into Azure or not.

We ensure to invest our time to inspect the production environment with our customer before initiating the Azure cloud Migration. The security and access management of the production server needs to be taken into consideration as a part of Azure cloud migration assessment.

It is quite possible that the on premises server may be under utilised all over the time or it is over utilised during certain occasions.

The information of the proper resource utilisation of the production server would ensure to opt for the appropriate VM type at Azure, during Azure Cloud Migration service. This assessment would help to determine the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

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Azure migrate step by step:

Our azure migration program determines the source production server information as a part of discovery, The Azure cloud would be configured with a selected VM type during migration, which would be modeled to initiate the secure data collection and injection of necessary drivers required for the Azure cloud.

Our team of cloud migration experts are always available to assist you during the Azure Cloud Migration.

Accelerate your Migration to Azure

Lia Infraservices  Migrates between physical, virtual, and cloud to cloud platforms.

Lia Infraservices  Hypervisor agnostic - no hypervisor access to on-premise infrastructure required.

Lia Infraservices  Live Migration - duplicate clone in cloud; source workloads remains active.

Lia Infraservices  Differential Sync - sync only the changes made on the source in the cloud.

Lia Infraservices  Data Only Migration - move data volumes only, swap OS versions.

Lia Infraservices  gentless - no change management needed; no reboot required.

Lia Infraservices  Automatically provisions new virtual machines on cloud targets.

Lia Infraservices  Preflight migration checks (source and target) to ensure migration success.

Lia Infraservices  Automation - evolve your workload; modify, customize, update and enhance.

Lia Infraservices  Enhanced Data Transfer engine – throttling, multi-threading, tunnelling.


No, our Azure Cloud Migration process does not need to have access to the source hypervisor, we access the source through it's routable IP.
No, We execute some remote commands through one of our executables to facilitates the discovery and data collection.
Yes, our expert teams are available to jump into a call and troubleshoot the cause of failure.
No, during our initial cloud migration, there is no downtime. But to maintain the data consistency, we request a planned downtime during final cutover only.
Yes, our continuous delta sync feature ensures the target and the source machine remains as close which reduces the downtime drastically during final cutover.
We can do a Live Migration in that case and move only the data volume, so that the user on both source and target server does not feel any service disruption.
No, as the Azure backup needs to be installed from it’s dedicated repository, so generally customers prefer to configure that post migration.

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