Cloud Migration Service

We are here with cloud migration services to help migrate your workloads from data centres to cloud or from cloud to cloud.

The cloud is increasingly an indispensable portion of the way we're doing business. Cloud is the newest technology that is creating great results for the companies as a result of several added benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud is becoming an ultimate destination for the new digital era, It was found that the cloud is becoming more and more common among the enterprises to host their servers and applications because of the distinct feature and benefit.

Lia Infraservices

Lia Infraservices

Cloud Migration Tool

Our Cloud migration tool is specially designed to perform optimally without an agent installed on the source server and its fully automatic feature makes a cloud migration process as simple as few clicks.

Agentless cloud migration tool keeps the source away from any third party metadata remained on the source, Production server shutdown or reboot is not an option for our SaaS-based cloud migration tool.

Our SaaS-based migration tool uses Discovery as a special feature that is called the pre-migration phase of Cloud Migration.

The discovery phase eliminates the chances of migration failures as it forecast if the source production server has all elements to carry a successful Cloud Migration, We have aligned easy to understand and user friendly warnings to get enough time for the migration team to identify the issue and fix that before migration starts, that save time and money.

We have always been there to provide a solution and help to get a successful migration.

Our customers even have leveraged us to bring a solution into their infrastructure to isolate their migrated servers from their in-house data centers.

Lia Infraservices

Our cloud migration services is providing with two different approach of migration.

Self paced cloud migration

A self paced cloud migration allows the organization do the migration by themselves to the target cloud.

The benefits of self paced migration:

  • Lia Infraservices It gives the complete control on your schedule of migration
  • Lia Infraservices Your internal migration team would perform the migrations
  • Lia Infraservices You would be getting a half-day training on the features of the RiverMeadow SaaS tool
  • Lia Infraservices For any assistance, you can reach out to support team

Secure Cloud migraton

We have kept the security as one of our priorities while we migrate data between clouds.

 Data can never be routed to any third party.

 We define data transfer through the routable path that is defined by the customer.

 We don`t need to underlying Hypervisor access, which reduces the chance of security breach.

 Our data transfer happens behind customer existing firewalls.

 For better security, the credentials of source servers are stored on a separate server.

Lia Infraservices

The great amount of workability on the tool makes it one of the best cloud migration tools in the market, few of the features that include

  • Lia Infraservices Automated in-place upgrade of servers into the target cloud.
  • Lia Infraservices Full Migration and an un-limited Delta Sync.
  • Lia Infraservices Data-only migration
  • Lia Infraservices Schedule a migration or bulk migrations.

There are various cloud destinations where we help migrate servers.

Lia Infraservices
Lia Infraservices
Lia Infraservices
Lia Infraservices

Strategic cloud migration is inbuilt into our cloud migration services where we make sure the cloud migration steps are happening in correct order to maintain a consistent cloned version of source on the target cloud. There are industry-standard best practices are being followed into our cloud migration process, we enable a staging environment to complete the data transfer prepared by an in time snapshot of the production server, which makes sure the production server is immediately released to be used without any disruption to the end-users. The staging server gets reboot into the target cloud to get the settings acquired to be used into the target cloud with its defines network.


Managed cloud Migration is a service where the organization gives the responsibility of cloud migration to us, whereas in self paced cloud migration, the organization migrates their servers by own.
Most of the organization choose to proceed with the managed cloud migration because of our years of experience on cloud migration, which increases their chance of completing the migration project on time.
We encourage to Contact Us to get more information on the pricing.

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