What is meant by Wireframe Web Design?

What is meant by Wireframe Web Design?

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Wireframe – A website Prototype

In general, the wireframe web design is a simple website prototype, which typically demonstrates the layout of the website. The wireframe exhibits the Life cycle of the Project. It lets the stakeholders at the initial stage to proceed further with web design and development.

“ Wireframe – The skeleton structure of the Website”

What is Wireframe?

The wireframe is an essential communication tool. It is utilized by designer, developer and client to understand the skeleton structure of the project. It is the basic visual representation of elements on a website.

That is Without any colours, shades, styles, fonts, lines or other design elements. It is your webpage and the most important pieces. Outlined in boxes, shapes & colours only in grey-scale to keep it simple. It’s just the Blueprint of Website.

“Wireframe is the basic visual representation of elements on a website”

Wireframe web design is the process of creating responsive web designs for all devices and ensure graceful view experience to the users. 

Why is wireframe important?

The first and the most important reason to wireframe is, it lets you establish the hierarchy of information on the page. 

Hierarchy of information such as Call to action, like – Sign In, Submit, Sign out or other important information.

Wireframe Architecture :

The wireframe architecture is an “F- design pattern”. This has been proven as best through research and eye-tracking software for many years.

“Historically users search the web page in  F – design pattern ”

When somebody arrives on a page, they generally start at the “Upper Left” and go across almost the full width of the line on the web page.

Then the viewers skip a few lines and start again from Left and go across to a certain level right to find if the information is relevant to their search or not.

If the data in the second search found irrelevant, then the users start to navigate further down, confined only to the left corner. Forming an “F” shape search pattern, Historically this is how the users search for what they are looking for in a web page.

 Benefits of Wireframe :

 As mentioned early, the wireframe is simply the skeletal structure of a web page or a Blueprint. You don’t have to worry about the client being distracted by design elements like colours, fonts and things that seem to be functional. 

“ Wireframe simplifies the communication between designer & client”

Wireframe just describes where things are located and how prominent they are on the web page.

Creating a wireframe web design at the beginning of the web design project will save a lot of time and money.

Lia Infraservice is a pioneer in Web design services and specialized in creating mockup website using a wireframe. UI wireframe & UX wireframe is always essential to lay it before web design or development. Lia Infraservices is also an expert in Cloud migration services.

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