AWS Cloud Migration Services

Holding the resources into the expensive solution of on premises data centre, to increase the probability of reduced cost and efficient business benefits, AWS cloud is the ultimate destination. The AWS cloud migration is the path to reduce the TCO and increase the productivity of an organization. Let’s work together to move your workloads into the AWS cloud from anywhere.

Request a Demo with us and we would be walking you through the entire cloud migration journey and not to mention, we are always there to help and assist during the aws cloud migration from a physical on-premises or from a virtual environment. We Ensure data integrity & security as our primary focus during the AWS cloud migration.

Lia Infraservices

Lia Infraservices

Being a market leader in the public cloud industry, AWS remained the first choice for any organizations to migrate their data centers into. AWS provides Consistent platform for development.

AWS has a proven record of transparency on their pricing and compatibility support for Linux and Windows. AWS rapid growth and the addition of new service makes that as an ideal for AWS cloud migration.

With our years of experience on AWS cloud migration, we have certain AWS migration checklist, that helps us to ensure the AWS environment is set up correctly and the migrated servers on the AWS would be secure from any external attack.

The target network needs to be configured along with its necessary security to maintain secure access to the migrated servers into the cloud.

Our AWS certified cloud migration engineers ensures a secure cloud migration from on premise or from other cloud to AWS is successful.

AWS Cloud Migration Strategy

We follow detailed aws migration checklist as a part of our AWS cloud migration process. Migration readiness assessment provides us with information about the production server.

Migration readiness assessment ensures if the AWS cloud migration would be successful or not.

Analyse the source production server to check for it’s dependency.

Lia Infraservices

Source backup schedules and if the Anti Virus present on the source blocks some external connection.

Identify the available and restricted logical ports on the production server.

For Windows we ensure the port 445 is opened and it has the Remote UAC disabled.

For Linux source the default post 22 is required to be opened on the firewall.


Yes, we migrate from anywhere to the AWS cloud.
As a part of aws cloud migration process, we request customer to setup the AWS environment with proper VPC, NACL and SG in place & follow aws migration best practices. The SG should be configured properly to ensure the traffic to and from the migrated server should be
Yes, we always by the side of our customers during the entire cloud migration journey. We have been identified and praised by many organizations for our comprehensive and technical support.
We don't install any agent into the source, but we need to have access to the source through port 445 for windows and 22 for Linux.
Yes, we migrate the Linux server without using the default port.
No, we don’t need any source hypervisor access.
AWS does not support UEFI and booting an instance from a GPT partition, but as a part of our aws migration service, we convert the UEFI into BIOS and allow the target instance to boot normally.
Yes, we have got a lot of feature requests from our customers and we have enabled the support of migrating the servers into AWS Nitro instance.

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