How we Made a Donation App

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Are you running an NGO, a Non-Profit Organisation or Being part of a Charity working to elevate the lives of people living in poverty? If not the whole you can at least assist in connecting the Hearty Donors with the needy to fulfil their minimum essential needs. We have shared our experience on the challenges we faced, overcome and how we made a Donation App successfully to manage the charity donations efficiently.

Lia Infraservices – The leading Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, India can build a Digital Charity Donation Mobile App that can be a transparent bridge between Charity Donation and the end Beneficiary.

Please spare some time to go through this entire blog “how we made a Donation App“. We had thrown some light on various explored areas, which you may find useful.

Mobile Apps to Manage Charity or Donations for Those in Need!

With the Donation App, one can choose who to be given a helping hand and understands where the donations are going to the right person in need.

For example, a user can download this Android or iOS Charity Donation Mobile App in their handheld gadget, browse for 

 A Mobile App Can Connect all Dots.

  • Blood Donation Banks 
  • Orphanages
  • Religious Worshiping Places
  • Aided Schools & Institutions
  • Old age homes

Mobile App to Manage Charity Activities:

|We build easy to use apps to make your life more charitable

Be it a One time Donation or Recurring Donations – A Charity Donation Mobile App can make your donations more charitable with simple, quick and easy management.  

  • Notify or Raise Awareness, 
  • Accept Donations,
  • Track Donations,
  • Showcase Sponsors and Supporters, 
  • Book Events, 
  • Raise Funds, etc.

Features of Donation App:

Donation App Includes a lot of valuable pieces of information that works on the real-time mobile application.

1. Contains the single or list of Charities to Choose from by the donor.

2. Cash or Online Payment Contributed integrated with secured Payment Gateways.

3. Description of the non-cash contribution

4. With real-time delivery tracking and update.

5. Locate and choose the Beneficiaries with Google (APIs) Maps assistance.

Technical Insights on how we made a Donation App:

Android Mobile Donation App Architecture includes:

1. Admin Panel – That has access to both Donor and Driver Login with all integrated API’s.

2. Donor Login Panel – Integrated with Google API & Secured Payment Gateways

3. Driver Login Panel – Integrated with Google API

Integrated Mobile and Web Application:

All the Actions performed by the donor are managed by the Admin. The Donation request is processed and assigned to the Driver by the Admin from the Web Application Company.

Once the order is assigned, the driver gets notified of the location of the delivery address in the mobile app with Google Maps Live assistance.

Android Mobile, iOS & Web App included:

The language used:

Android : java ,xml

IOS : swift

Front End: Html, CSS, JavaScript

Backend : Php Codigniter

Database : Mysql

API: Google Map

Payment Gateways: Pay Tab

Mobile Apps with User Verification for Better Security.

To verify the user the API request is sent to the DataBase and receives a reply for the validation.

Various API’s to carry on the verification process:

1. OkHttp

2. Volley – We have utilized Volley in our Donation App.

3. Retrofit – for speed

Mobile Apps Can Make your Donation Process Easy:

Multiple Payment Options:

| Creating a secured donation platform

Integrated Payment gateways help the donor to buy and deliver foods like biscuits, books, medicine, or any other items to the needy.

The user can check the history of previous donations.  

Used Trending Technologies parts(Android):

Material components for UI

Material is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user interface design.

Google Cloud Messaging with Order Placement Notification:

Track Donation History with Delivery Status:

GCM- Google Cloud Messaging is a mobile notification service that enables third-party application developers to send notification data or information from developer-run servers to applications that target the Google Android Operating System, as well as applications.

Google Maps APIs:

The Maps JavaScript API lets you customize maps with your content and imagery for display on web pages and mobile devices. The Maps JavaScript API features four basic map types (roadmap, satellite, hybrid, and terrain) which you can modify using layers and styles, controls and events, and various services and libraries.

The mobile app users can see all the charities awaiting support within the desired region through Geo-Fencing – Google API.

The API is a paid resource that maps all the charities, Hospitals, Orphanages, etc, say within 50 Km Radius.

Google Firebase Authentication

The Firebase Realtime Database is cloud-hosted. Data is stored as JSON and synchronized in realtime to every connected client. It is also used as an OTP generated platform. When you build cross-platform apps with our iOS, Android, and JavaScript SDKs, all of your clients share one Realtime Database instance and automatically receive updates with the newest data.

Volley web service for request-response API 

Volley is an HTTP library developed by Google. This library is used to transmit data over the network. It makes networking faster and easier for Apps. It is available through the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) repository.

| Internet of Things helping People to live a happy life 

Challenges We Overcame: How we made a Donation App

We have overcome the big challenges faced in the charity donation sector with this Charity Donation Mobile App.

  1. In general, fundraising companies accept only Cash or money. Whereas we came up with the way to accept or donate Non- cash items such as articles, books, food supplies etc.
  2. Pinpointing the Receivers location in the app was an unimaginable task. So, what we did is, we have custom integrated the Google Maps API with the Mobile App. This enables the donor to identify the get connect with the needy.
  3. In most of the cases, the donor will never know if the end-user is really benefited. This app ensured the donor with the delivery and acknowledge message from the beneficiary.

What a Donation App Can do?

| It’s time to give back to Society!

Even the smallest donation contribution can be life-changing, especially with a Mobile app like this. The  Android Mobile App encourages someone to identify the one in distress and donate them with anything from Food, Water, Clothes, Books, used articles, or anything for charity.

Track Your Donation History:

How much does it cost to build a Charity Mobile app?

The traditional mobile app may be slow, lagging and frustrating. We build and deliver the modern donation app with the latest technology as per the current trend.

The cost to build a mobile application depends on various factors and features incorporated in the app.

  • The complexity of the app idea,
  • App Design elements,
  • Based on man-hours required to develop,
  • The technology, tool or the resource used
  • The platform-specific app, etc

In general, the cost to build a Charity Donation app ranges anywhere between 10k USD to 15K USD and even more. In addition to the App Building Cost, their would-be additional cost involved to publish the mobile app in the Play store Say, Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Create a Charity or Donation App Today!

Interested to build a Charity or Donation App? Contact Lia Infraservices  We help you spread your good word through our Android or iOS Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, India. 

“Start Fundraising today for a good cause!”

Hope you found the blog “How we made Charity Donation App” informative. Please feel free to like, comment and ask the queries if you have any. We would be glad to hear it from you.

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