Difference Between Android App Development with Java Vs Kotlin

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Wondering which is better? Difference between Android App Development With Java vs Kotlin. Well, there is a mixed response among the developers. Both languages have their own strengths and weakness.
Several Mobile App Developers in Chennai and across the globe looking for a better option to solve their complications in the programming ecosystem.

Different between Android - Java -Lia Infraservices

Java is a popular open-source programming language with amazing tools and libraries which most programmers find handy. On the other hand, some of the Android Mobile App Development Company in Chennai believe that Kotlin will soon outreach Java in the coming years. While others feel both coexist with their own weightage.

Difference Between Android App Development with Java vs Kotlin

Difference Between Android App Development with Java Vs Kotlin - Lia infraservices

Cons of Android Mobile App Development With Java:

  • Java syntax is a little complicated when compared with other languages.
  • Accessing new Java enhancements in mobile development is not an easy task.
  • Slower compared to other programming languages and require colossal memory space.
  • As a verbose language, test-driven development for Java requires more coding and increases a higher risk of errors or bugs.
  • Java causes problems with Android API design.

Cons of Android Mobile App Development With Kotlin:

  • Kotlin is younger than Java and has a small developer community which means limited resources to find solutions.
  • Switching teams to Kotlin is difficult due to the steep learning curve.
  • Compared to Java, slower compilation time.
  • Experienced Kotlin developers are still a rarity in the market, so finding a good mentor for your team is quite tricky.

The advantages of Mobile App Development With Java over Kotlin:

  • Firstly, Java is multiplatform and easy to learn.
  • Android relies on Java – Android SDK includes many standard Java libraries.
  • Secondly, Java has a large open-source community.
  • Java ensures faster development speed than Kotlin.
  • Its an object-oriented language and makes it easy to create modular applications and reuse the parts that contribute to the robustness
  • Compared to Kotlin, Java apps are more compact.
  • Accelerated assembly within Gradle

kotlin vs java sample code snippet:

kotlin vs java sample code snippet Comparison - Top Mobile App Development Company in Chennai- Lia infraservices

The advantages of Android Mobile App Development With Koltin over Java:

  • Kotlin introduces improved syntax, concise expressions, and abstractions.
  • Kotlin application development is faster to compile and prevents apps from increasing size.
  • Code written in Kotlin is smaller compared to Java, which means fewer bugs.
  • In addition, Kotlin includes coroutines and interoperability with Javascript for web development.
  • Adopting Kotlin is free and switching from Java to Kotlin is simple, just by installing the Kotlin plugin and adding to the Gradle build files.
  • Interoperable with Java
  • Kotlin is safe against NullPointerException
  • Gained a lot of traction in android development, but can also be used in backend projects like Spring 5.
  • Furthermore Developers can benefit from the Anko library and over 2000 kotlin projects on Github.
  • Supports smart extensions to build APIs
  • Configures projects in Android Studio for auto-completion aids, and helps in detecting compile-time errors.
  • Fewer app crashes compared to Java.
  • Reduced project timelines


Great if you are planning to Switch from Kotlin to Java or Java to Kotlin. Before you make up your mind please make sure your app development team is ready to make up the change. Because, any new technology requires learning a new language, rewriting new concepts and develop great architectures. Keep the risk factors in mind. Moreover, changing programming langue may affect your product architecture.

Difference between Kotlin and Java -Mobile App Development Company in Chennai

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