How to Set-Up Facebook Ad Campaign to Boost Website Traffic?

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There are two ways to Skyrocket your website visitors traffic through the Organic reach or by an In-Organic way. In this blog, let’s learn “How to set up Facebook Ad Campaign to boost website traffic?”.Generally, organic visitors will tend to become long term customer than website visitor that stepped into a website through in-organic acquisition or via paid Digital Marketing Campaigns. At Lia Infraservices, we are proficient to deal with both options.

Choose the best Marketing Strategy:

1. Organic Reach:

 If your business has more time (6 months and more) to acquire and build a set of dedicated customer databases for your business, then you can happily choose the Organic Way to reach stable website visitors.

2. In-Organic Reach: 

If you or your business lacks the dedicated time to gain a customer database or the companies which have already acquired the database can directly plug into the paid Social Media Marketing campaigns to drive in more website visitors for engagement or Lead conversion.

In this Knowledge blog, Our Social Media Marketing Service expert Team, let you understand and learn about How to Set-up Facebook Ad Campaign to Boost The Website Traffic ”  

The Role of Facebook to drive in Website Traffic:

Business without a Facebook Account is unimaginable. Facebook is one of the Social proofs, which conveys that the company’s service and operation are active. 

Simple Facts About Facebook:

The platform has more than two billion monthly active users, 2.6 billion on Messenger, and 1 billion on Instagram. 

This makes it easier for any business to successfully reach and engage their target audience through this platform. 

What is the purpose of the Facebook “Traffic” Ad objective?

The objective of the Traffic Ad is to drive people to the targeted Website or the Mobile Application. 

What a “Facebook Traffic” Ad Can Do?

  • Send people to a destination such as a Website, Mobile App or Messenger conversation (website clicks)
  • Increase the number of people going to your mobile or desktop app (App Engagement)

Things to note while creating an Facebook Ad with the Traffic objective:

Select where you want to drive traffic: You can select Website or App to send people to your website or app.

What ad formats can I choose from the Traffic objective?

You can choose one format from the below respective options, based on your business purpose. 

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Collection

Let’s get started with your Goal for running this AD Campaign:

“Decide on your goal first”

There are three types of goals:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion
a. Awareness: 

Objectives that generate interest in your product or service. Increasing brand awareness. Brand Awareness is about telling people what makes your business valuable. For example, Using the Brand Awareness objective, you can create a campaign that highlights the core values or the features of your service deliverables, like Quality, Convenience, Affordability and reliability of your product or service.

b. Consideration: 

Objectives that get people to think about your business and seek more information. For example, Jasper’s Market has a website that tells their story and lists some of their shop’s unique offerings. Using the Traffic objective, they can create a campaign that encourages people to visit their site to learn more.

c. Conversions: 

Objectives that encourage people interested in your business to buy or use your product or service. For example, by using the Store Visits objective, you can create a campaign to encourage potential customers to walk into your store neary.

When you first set up an ad campaign, Facebook gives you objectives in these three categories.

Choose the objective that makes the most sense for your current strategy.

Steps To Create a Facebook Traffic Ad Campaign:

Step 1:

  • Go to the ad manager
  • Click on the create 
  • And Select traffic as your marketing objective 
  • Enter your Campaign Name. If you want.
  • Click to continue the page.

Step 2:

Choose Where you want to drive traffic. (website, Mobile App, WhatsApp, Messenger)

Step 3:

Budget & Schedule the ad. You can Select Daily basis or  Lifetime basis budget  with your own choice. But will suggest a daily budget.

Then you can also set when to stop your ad, Or you can stop yourself whenever you want.(run the ad the all the time)

Step 4:

Audience Selection:

  • Each and every ad you can create from your page will need an audience. 
  • Audiences can be based on locations, interests, demographics and other characteristics. 
  • When you create an audience, you will want to think about the characteristics of people most likely to be interested in your product, service or business, and how broad or narrow your audience is.
  • And we can select located people (example people live in this location / recently located or travelling )

The Steps are blow

1) Consider your current customer base. Think about the audience interests, their age group, demographics, etc. This can help you identify audience options that will help you reach people with similar interests on Facebook.

2) Audiences can be specific or broad. You can narrow-down the size of your audience as you are creating it. If it gets too narrow, add additional audience  available in the option. If it’s too narrow, try adding some.

Custom Audience:

Facebook Custom Audiences are an advanced feature that enables you to connect on Facebook with your existing contacts through your existing website or App Users.

Custom Audiences are created by uploading the excel sheet containing your targeted audience contact list, or purchaser/subscriber email list in CSV or TXT format, to Facebook. You can also create a Custom Audience based on your Site / App visitors.

After setting up your Ad campaign, Save your audience.

Optimization Delivery:

Ad Placement Selection:

Two types of placements are there.

  1. Automatic Placement
  2. Manual Placement

By default, Facebook  has “automatic placements” selected which includes Facebook and Instagram Audience Network. You can also choose to edit your placements if you have your own data and know where is your targeted audience engaged mostly and what placement works best for you.

Set-Up Facebook Ad Campaign to Boost Website Traffic:

There are two options to setup an Ad Campaign: 

  1. You can either select an existing Facebook Page post ; or
  2. Create new ads.

And choose from the carousel, single image or video or collection ad formats.

Click on Select Image or Video and then from the Image Library choose a relevant image to the offer you want to promote.

Your ad images should be 1080*1080 pixel and less words in your ad image, show all the details in images(don’t use much words).

Ads text character is Max 125, Headline max 40 and Link Description character max 30 ( link description is option only)

And add your Landing Page URL(website Url). and display link is option only.

Call To Action:

Finally, set your CTA button. For example, if it involves 

  • Buying a product use Shop Now 
  • For the  lead-based businesses use Book Now
  • Use Learn More or Contact Us depending on the campaign you run in your ad copy.
Ad Preview:

Select Review to preview your ad created. So, once you are ready, just select Confirm to publish.

Thus the Traffic Campaign is successfully created and launched.


Facebook Marketing is only expected to grow and evolve.

So, there is a high necessity for your business to understand Facebook now. The social platform will probably become more critical to your brand’s success in the future. At Lia Infraservices we help you optimize your ads for a profitable Facebook Ad campaign and scale up your business with our Digital Marketing Services. Hope you have learnt on How to Set-up a Facebook Ad Campaign to Boost traffic from this blog. Click on to know HOW SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS BOOST YOUR BUSINESS. For more information Please Contact Us.

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