5 Simple Ways to Retain eCommerce Customers

5 Simple Ways to Retain eCommerce Customers

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Hello, online business Owner! Worried about your unstable online store customers? It’s time to throw your worries away. We bring you the top 5 Simple Ways to Retain eCommerce Customers and beat the crowded business competition. You might have put on remarkable effort to earn customer loyalty and often, the repeated customers play a vital part in establishing a stable & profitable business.

“Do you know what? New customer acquisition cost almost 5 times more than the cost spent in retaining the existing customers”. 

Let’s see the top 5 Tactics the leading eCommerce firms follow to make the customers come back again and again.

Benefits of Retaining eCommerce Customers:

1. Just 5% of existing customers retention can increase profits by up to 25%.
2. Reaching out to New customers can suck in more Marketing budget.
3. Happy customers will bring in more referral shoppers.
4. Cross-Selling is possible through the existing client’s interest via social media marketing. 

Two major areas to focus on eCommerce Business:

1) Retaining Existing Customers 
2) Acquiring New Customers

Major eCommerce establishments have realised that effective customer retention will automatically bear the fruit of acquiring a new set of customers. So, it’s highly recommended to focus more on customer retention as the top priority than on new customer identification & acquisition.

5 Simple Ways to Retain eCommerce Customers:

Customer retention is one of the major areas to focus on any eCommerce Business firm. Thus, we present you with 5 simple ways to retain eCommerce customers. 


1. Last-Mile Delivery – First Step to Success:

You may sell extraordinary products at a great price, but not delivering the order in time leads to disaster. Getting the order is one problem and delivering it in time would be an absolute nightmare for any retailer.

Tying up with a reliable third party Logistics & Supply Chain Agency, who understands the company’s value can support the Last-Mile Delivery in time. Calling up the customers and keeping them informed about the delivery will certainly let you avoid misdelivery.

2. Understand the Customer Expectation:

Learn about your customers, read their minds and their interests. Present your customers with the relevant products of their choice on their shopping preference. Understanding your e-customers buying history and offering personalised benefits can grab your customers attention.

Storing up Customers log-in credentials will help shoppers overcome the every time sign-in and registration process. Providing a barrier-free shopping experience will benefit you in terms of customer retention process.

3. Encourage Shoppers to come back – One-Click Purchase:

The one-click payment process is the proven theory, which Encourages shoppers to keep coming back to your eCommerce website for easy purchase. It works by saving customers time with simple payment options by saving the customers banking details and one step authentication approval transaction process.

4. Value-Added Customer Service:

In fact, according to business law, any Value addition service offered to the Customer experience will definitely impress them with a positive note on your brand.

Poor customer service can end up your relationship with the customers. 

a) Email Customer Service

Similarly, Email Customer Service can let the customers share their grievances and get their doubts clarified instantly. For example, 44% of Customers find emails as a legitimate way of communication. Dedicated & Personalised Email adds more value to customer retention, such as:

1.Post-purchase emails

2.Birthday/Event Emails

3.Reminder Emails Notification, etc.

b) Customer Service Over Social media

80% Customer conveniently prefer to chat with a customer service executive through Twitter, Watsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc then waiting in a call centre queue.

5. Reward Loyal Customers:

In general, Customers love to be pampered. 

a) Firstly, offer your customers a free sample of your latest launch or trial packs with a personal note ( “Made just for you”). 

b) Surprise your customers with an unexpected gift/voucher for being a valued customer for so many years. 

Furthermore, following these 5 Simple Ways to Retain eCommerce Customers as per your roadmap and Business plan. Thus, these simple gesture will easily steal the hearts of the customers, without any doubt they will become your lifetime customers.

2. New Customer Acquisition Strategy:

Additionally, Social Media Marketing is the best strategy to boost eCommerce Business. Consequently, you can increase new customer acquisition through Branding, Reach, Engage & Lead Generation Campaign.

5 Simple Ways to Retain eCommerce Customers - customer acquisition

Customer engagement activities, such as:
a) Refer/tag a friend and win a gift voucher or Discount
b) Comment on the Post and avail Discounts
c) Sign-Up to avail so much credit points, etc.  

Retain Customer for Business Growth :

                    “Customer is the King”

In order to retain customers for business growth, “Customer Service” should be on the top Priority. After all, the growth of any business solely depends upon the “Value Added Service” the shopper receive from the seller. Any shopper will be certainly excited to receive special rewards and personalised offer on their purchase.

A simple way to understand your business progress: For instance, if your Shopper felt that they have made the right decision in purchasing from you, then your eCommerce Business is on the right success path.

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