How Digital Marketing can Boost Business after COVID

How Digital Marketing can Boost Business after COVID

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COVID 19, at first felt like yet another economical crisis. It will be a deciding factor for many businesses to survive through tough times. Almost all traditional business like hotels, resorts, malls, entertainment parks and events are facing the challenge. In the coming days, the business is going to become much harder. Social Distancing is a new norm and only strategic Digital Marketing can boost business after COVID.

Its the time for Small and Medium Business to prepare themselves for the better days to boost up their business post-COVID crisis.

Even the larger companies who have already spend millions on marketing has potentially lost through the cancellation of events. It is obvious that the lost time and money spend cannot obtain back. But one can prepare to reassign a small budget for Digital Marketing. Because Online Marketing through Social Media and Search Engines are going to be the clear winner for regaining the lost business and hard-won reputation.

10 Digital Marketing Steps to boost Business Post COVID:

1.      Evaluating Your Marketing Budget:

Its high time to set a marketing budget and maintain an Inventory for the expenses. Keep a list of all existing marketing assets to determine the best channel that translates the business in revenue. Choose among the best appealing way to get connect with Digital audience. Through the Digital Ads, Blog Posts, InforGraphic photos, videos, e-brochure, email marketing and presentations.    

2.   Strategic Marketing Plan:

During the slow down, use this time to strategically think about ways that you can market now because when the crisis is over, you want to be top-of-mind with consumers who are ready to get on with life again.

Even now, it is important to keep your brand light burning, because once you turn the lights out, trying to turn them on again after being dark for an extended period could prove to be extremely challenging. Plus, if your competitors have taken a different path, you will be at a disadvantage.

3.   Enhance Digital Marketing:

If you are not already doing so, get going with digital marketing. A short pause is understandable, but have your plan and campaign ready to go, as digital media has the advantage of being faster, less expensive, and often more effective than traditional media. An email or social media campaign can connect a marketing message to your targeted audience for a fraction of the cost of a print campaign or TV ad, immediately.

4.   Review Your Website:

Now is a great opportunity to thoroughly review your website, identify information and photos that need to be updated, and/or fix the site. Look at competitor websites to see if there is more information, imagery or an FAQ section that should be added. Or, determine if you need a new site altogether. Take this time to get your company ready for the next stage of business.

5.   Be Active on Social Media:

If you are currently standing idle when it comes to posting on social media or blogging, now is the chance to start using these tools, particularly with tight marketing budgets.

Make plans for videos that you can post on social media later, as they are terrific for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and can be used as a basis for other content too. This could be a traditional video, or possibly consider using Zoom or Google Hangouts to conduct and record video calls of your customers and/or employees about their experiences.

Add the knowledge of your company, the industry, products, services, and culture. In the coming months, these videos can be a valuable source for your social content.

6.   Analyse Sales Lead Data:

Do a deep dive into your analytics and sales/lead data. Know about your customers. Learn about prospects that did not pick your company. Compare offline and online trends and determine what you could change now that you did not have time to do in the past.

7.   Improve Online Reviews :

Depending upon your type of business, this is also a good time to refine or formulate the procedure for answering online reviews. Write a few thoughtful template responses and then train a member of your team with your brand messaging so they can manage your online reviews going forward. Provide them with the tools they need to get alerts and monitor reviews. Also, teach them how to respond to negative reviews and when to escalate legitimate issues to the right person.

8.   Conducting a Photo or Video Shoot:

If you can, this may be a great time to get your brand photo and/or video shoot completed, when things are not as busy. As the business has likely slowed for photographers and videographers, you probably will get a good price, but you also will be helping them at a time when they may need the work.

9.   Outreach Strategy:

Reaching out to your customers during the COVID-19 crisis depends entirely upon your type of business, your existing relationship with customers, and the purpose of the communication. If customers are used to hearing from you regularly by email, social media or SMS (text) messaging, do not let that relationship drop off.

But be careful with the messaging and avoid crisis-related promotions. Think of how you can offer social connection, reassurance or something helpful to your audience.

10.   Marketing a Team Effort:

If you are not already doing so, make marketing a team effort. Conduct a Zoom call with people from different backgrounds and positions to brainstorm ideas. Talk and listen. Now, it is time to consider implementing new operating procedures and other valuable modifications.

Also, consider talking to an outside expert for a fresh viewpoint, as they may be able to bring a different perspective that will complement what you are doing, and can ultimately help you achieve bigger things.

How Digital Marketing can Boost Business after COVID - know more

Digital Marketing- A Window of Opportunity post COVID:

When things are back to normal consumers bounce back to start their lives. The benefits and opportunities that a Digital Marketing Agency can Boost Business after COVID. Now see value in participating with companies like us, who help you make the most out of the Digital Marketing Channels. To achieve better production values and targeted campaigns, Contact Lia Infraservices

Rather than sit on the sidelines and regret about the lost business. Rise up to bounce back and take a proactive approach now. So that a 3-month crisis does not turn into a 9-month business downturn. Taking steps now can best prepare your company for the better days ahead.

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