How to Set Goals in Google Analytics to Track Conversions

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Almost everyone who owns a website would have heard about Google Analytics in Digital Marketing Platform. In order to use the analytics effectively, it is essential to set wise goals as per SMART criteria. Goals in Google Analytics helps to track the specific user interaction behaviour with the website at any given point in time. Let us look into the steps of How to set goals in Google Analytics to track Lead conversions.

Set SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound Goals

6 Step Process to Set Goals in Google Analytics to track conversions:

Step 1:

First log in to the Google Analytics Account and Select the project name 

Then at the bottom of the dropdown column, you can find Admin  

Step 2:

In Admin page, you can click Goal

Step 3:

Select New Goal to Create 

Now you can see the pre-configured ‘templates’ that are managed with different categories  

Categories are 

  • Revenue
  • Acquisition
  • Enquiry
  • Engagement  

Step 4:

There are 3 steps to complete this Goal process . they are 

  • 1. Goal Setup
  • 2. Goal Description
  • 3. Goal Details

First , we need to select the configuration.  

In Goal set-up , we are going to select Enquire -> Contact Us

Step 5:

Next , We need to fill Description Field

Step 6:

Goal Details

  • Now we are going to give Destination thank you page URL 

There are two optional such as 

  • Value: A simple dollar amount based on the value of this new signup. If it’s technically free still, you can at also use a placeholder like a dollar per subscriber or cost per lead (if appropriate).
  • Funnel: If you want to specify that a conversion goal is only tracked when someone hits every single page, you specify in sequence.

Select the appropriate option and Save 

How to track the Goal in Google Analytics?

In the left-hand sidebar menu, click on Conversions > Goals > Overview to start.

After few days , you can able to check your Goal Count

Conversion – > Overview 

Google Analytics Goals Conversion Rate - Lia Infraservices

Forsee what you want to achieve. Set the achievable goals within a specific time-bound. Set Goals in Google Analytics to Track Lead Conversion. Get the most out of the Google Analytics report with an auto conversion tracking report. 

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