Facebook Facts and Statistics 2019!

Facebook Facts and Statistics 2019!

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Let us explore Facebook Facts and Statistics 2019 report to understand the influence of Social Media Marketing in the day to day life of a man.

Facebook is the World most famous Social Networking sites across Globe, with more user accounts then the entire Human Population in the world.
Which means many users access the social networking site with more than one user account.

“Get yourself connected to the world, through Social, economical and Cultural Phenomenon”

Facebook is one of the leading Social Media Platform, which is quite popular among Young enthusiast who would like to exhibit their personal and social activities and be connected with friends and family. FB also finds the professional way to get connected with.

Since there are many users using Facebook, Entrepreneurs find it easy to reach a wide audience through their Professional “Facebook Business Page”.

“Bring the World Closer to you”
Facebook – Let others Know, your skills and get popular.

It is one of the Brilliant Social media Application, with intelligent features and easy to operate.

Be it a start-up or an established business, irrespective of the products and services offered.

It is essential for any business to have a Facebook Business Profile to advertise and carry on marketing and recruitment activities.

One can come to know about an individual or the business portfolio with the help of Facebook Profile. In fact, many businesses are functioning fulltime only on Facebook itself.

” Identify your childhood friends through Common Interest and activities”

Multiple Scenarios the facebook binds up people from different walks of life.

Facebook Community:

Become Socially attached with a group as a community, in spite of you not known to each other personally. But recognize each other through common interests, likes, practices and hobbies.

Sharing of wide information among the Community, helps the people with common mentality gain more knowledge and get updated. Even many popular News Channels get traffic and referred to their news channels through Facebook links.

“Get instant Update on the current global events and trends”

Follow Facebook Facts and Statistics 2019! to increase your ROI:

 Facebook Facts:

1. There are totally 40,030 Employees working in FB as on Sept’19.
2. More than 2.2 Billion Active global Users.
3. The Top 6th Best performing company in the Globe.
4. On average 1.62 billion people log in to Facebook.
5. 92% of the revenue is generated through the Facebook Ad agency.
6. Last one year Facebook Revenue generated is 62 Billion USD till June 2019.

How informative is Facebook?

1. Over 56% of people visit Facebook to access information.
2. Most active and potential users are of age between 25 to 35 years, which is the primary target online business companies.
3. Facebook Users as of 2019 based on Gender are mostly 53% are female and the 46% are Male.

Facebook Ad Statistics:

  1. Over 6 Billion Business Companies use Facebook Ad campaign for the business.
    2. The Facebook Ad cost had brought down whereas the Ad impression grew by 34%.
    3. Among Facebook ads Mobile users are lead.
    4. Facebook had identified and deleted 83 Million fake accounts.
    5. 2.2 Billion Mobile Users and 1.4 Billion active Desktop Users.
    6. The average CPC for Facebook Ads is 1.72$, An the Average Click Through Rate is .9$ and Average CPM is 7.92$.
    7. Instagram contributes 20% of Facebook Mobile Ad revenue.
    8. Facebook occupies 20% of the digital advertisement market across Globe.
    9. 300 million photos uploaded in a day.
    10. 500 Million Facebook Story readers per day.


1. Users on facebook have 150 friends.
2. 88% of Users fall in 18-29 years bracket. Facebook is generally age-restricted below 18 years.
3. 62% of online users will be seniors aged above 65 years and 72% are aged between 50 -64 years.
4. Almost 85% of all college-going students are on Facebook.
5. The average income of facebook users is 75,000 USD.
6. Facebook generates 7.05$ on average per global user.
7. India is the largest Facebook users – 270 Million Users and the second-largest users are from the USA which is 190 million users.
8. 75% of people visit Fb at least 1 minute in a day.

Fun Facts:

1. There are plenty of Social Media Sites available and facebook enjoys 42% of Social Media Share Rate.
2. 5 Billion Engaging Comments shared in a month.
3. Any post beeing published will get 45% response in the first 60 min itself.
4. More than 100 million hours of videos are being watched by users on FB.
5. Any common man would spend around 35 min on facebook daily.
6. Facebook activity: 3.17 Lakh status being updated in every 1 hour, 400 new profiles being created, 1.47 lakh photos being uploaded and 54k links shared.
7. Do you know what, 85% of Facebook users watch the video with sound in mute?
8. Attractive Video Caption fetch 12% more video views.
9. 20% of videos are broadcasted lively.
10. People with a similar interest form a group and there are more than 1 billion people.

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