7 Best Cloud Migration Tools

7 Best Cloud Migration Tools

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Cloud Migration is not technology.

It is the process of moving your servers from in-house data centers into the public or private cloud.

Let’s focus on the top 7 Best Cloud Migration Tools for smooth data transaction.

Benefits :

There are multiple benefits of transitioning a business into the cloud. Such as scalability, elasticity, cost-saving and there are many more.

Choosing the Right Tool:

7 Cloud Migration Tools to Consider

There are cloud migration tools provided by the cloud provider itself, but it has many limitations and challenges, with a steep learning curve and a great amount of training for the staff.

Nevertheless, there are multiple companies which are evolving with great feature and managed migration service where the tool provider itself can own the migration activities and that reduces the staff training and a great amount of cost savings.

These kinds of tools are compatible with multiple target clouds, so a company can rely on a company that provides migration tools and the managed migration as a service as they would be experienced with multiple complex migrations.

7 Best Cloud Migration Tools to Consider:

1. AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)

AWS Server migration Service - Lia infraservices

By using AWS SMS you can migrate your on-premises VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V/SCVMM, and Azure virtual machines to the AWS Cloud. AWS SMS incrementally replicates your server VMs as AMIs to ready for deployment on Amazon EC2.

No additional fee to use Server Migration Service. However, you will be charged for the S3 buckets, EBS volumes, and data transfer used during the migration process.

To know more please visit this page.

2. RiverMeadow SAAS tool

It’s an agentless cloud migration tool. It needs a cloud appliance on your target cloud.

With the help of RiverMeadow, you can migrate your physical or virtual servers to AWS, AZURE, Open stack, vSphere, vCloud.

This has multiple features, one of the latest feature is In-Place OS Upgrade, which facilitates the customer to migrate the server and upgrade to a higher version of OS as a part of the migration.

Rivermeadow will support DOM(data only migration) for large data drives and Continuous Data sync ensures that data is synced in real-time and minimizes the delta during cutover.

They have an expert team who is willing to go any extent to help migrate a server.

They provide free licenses for doing some POC, the sales team should be contacted to get more information on the license and free migrations as a part of POC.

3. Densify

Densify Cloud Migration Tool - Lia infraservices

Densify is another on-demand best cloud migration tool to compare different cloud providers and choose the cost-effective cloud hosting environment for your business applications.

The Densify cloud migrating service is also the paid one but they ensure each application workload’s compliance, regulatory, security, utilization, and other technical requirements.

Densify is supporting Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud computing, IBM Cloud, Vmware, Private Cloud, Hybrid Workloads and Amazon web service are supported.

The 14 days trial is also available for Densify. https://www.densify.com/

4. Corent SurPasS Cloud Migration

Corent SurPasS Cloud Migration Tool - Lia infraservices

The Corent SurPasS Cloud migration factory is another highly versatile and scalable cloud migration product.

This supports Microsoft Azure, AWS, Oracle OCI Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Vmware, and OpenStack cloud platforms.

Both Data and Server migrations are available.

5. Microfocus PlateSpin Migration Factory

Microfocus PlateSpin Migration Tool _ Lia Infrservices

It uses two solutions for enterprise-grade server migrations. One is PlateSpin Migrate which meant for server migrations to the cloud or vice versa.

Another one is PlateSpin Transformation Manager, it uses to plan and track migration projects across cloud infrastructures.

Main supported cloud platforms are AWS, Azure, and VMware.

A free trial is available.


Carbonite Cloud Migration Tool - Lia infraservices

Another Server and data migration solutions. With the solution provided by Carbonite, the enterprises can move data, application or entire server between clouds and physical and virtual platforms.

You can easily move workloads with structured, repeatable processes.

It is a paid solution and offers a trial period.

It supports Any hypervisor, with native integration with VMware ESXi and vSphere Microsoft Hyper-V

Cloud platform supported: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware vCloud Director, Google Cloud

7. CloudEndure’s

AWS CloudEndure Migration Tool - Lia infraservices

It supports only AWS.

CloudEndure Migration helps you simplify, expedite, and automate large-scale migration to AWS.

Continuous Data Replication takes place in the background, without application disruption or performance impact.

Which ensures that data is synced in real-time and minimizes cutover windows

Cloud Migration: Accelerating Your Journey to Cloud

Locate a great company and following that get arranged so that you might actually relish your move.

Finally, ff you don’t have a staffing team in your business enterprise or you lack the chance to get the best talent all in your own, seek the assistance from Lia Infraservices to do the task for you in Managed Cloud Migration services.


7 Best Cloud Migration Tools are among the best practices adopted by us for a smooth date migration. Lia Infraservices is the best-in-class, speedy migration services.

Which make sure that the process is fast, and that there’s no work disruption during the migration process. This is what it is possible to come to expect from one of the very best cloud migration providers.

Lia Infraservices the leading Mobile App Development company in Chennai, Web Development, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Graphics & UI/UX Design, Cloud Migration Services

LIA Infraservices the leading Mobile App Development Company in ChennaiWeb Development, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Graphics & UI/UX Design, Cloud Migration Services.


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