Managed Cloud Migration Service

The decision of moving or migrating a server from on premises to the cloud is tough because of cloud migration challenges.

We are an expert team follow cloud migration best practices. Our team is a subject matter expert who uses the right cloud migration tools to ensure the safe and secure cloud migration to the destination cloud.

Managed Migration & Service

You are looking for a cloud migration company who is equipped with the cloud migration experience and knowledge to migrate your servers into the cloud. Our Managed cloud migration service allows you to hand over the project to our team. Our expert team would do the cloud migration on your behalf.

A migration needs a great amount of planning and we love to sit with our customers to understand their complex infrastructure and prepare a plan to migrate servers without having any interference of target server with the source server post migration.

The benefit of managed cloud migration:

  •  Expert team perform the cloud migration.
  •  Troubleshoot the cloud migration by us.
  •  No need to raise any support ticket.
  •  Reduce the staffing and training cost.
  •  Reduce the migration budget.
  •  A timely update on the progress of the cloud migration.
  • Cost: All managed migration comes with a fixed cost and you pay only for the successful Migrations.
  • Quick Migration: Quick successful Migration allows customer to move into cloud as quick as 10 days.
  • Uptime: Scheduled downtime of application during final cutover maximises the application uptime and hence happy end users.
  • De-Risk Migration: To minimize risk and ensure immediate operability, mission critical applications are pre-validated in the cloud prior to actual migration.
  • Complex Apps with Ease: Easily migrate any application landscape: physical or virtual, legacy or modern, stateless or stateful, large or small database.
  • Non-invasive Cutover: By avoiding agents and replication altogether, our cutover is fast and seamless, and requires no additional processes or labor.
  • No Up-Skilling Required: Stay focused on your core business, save time and cost and leave the complex migration tasks to us

Managed Migration Services – What’s Included?

Our Managed Migration Service plan includes-

  •  Review of your application workloads, and understanding of your target cloud state and a high-level roadmap for executing the migration plan.
  •  Working closely with you to develop a migration plan to meet your project goals, objectives and timelines. Below is an example of the types of tasks we will carry out during a migration.
  •  Scheduling sessions and a prioritizing the list of steps proactively to achieve the planned result.


Managed cloud Migration is a service where the organization gives the responsibility of cloud migration to us, whereas in self paced cloud migration, the organization migrates their servers by own.
Most of the organization choose to proceed with the managed cloud migration because of our years of experience on cloud migration, which increases their chance of completing the migration project on time.
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