Steps to set up Pay Per Click Campaign for Beginners

Steps to set up Pay Per Click Campaign for Beginners

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Pay Per Click is one of the popular and the most effective online marketing tools available in the market. PPC Campaign stands alone in terms of Brand Awareness and drives the targeted audience to the website or the Landing page. In this blog, we will teach you the basic steps to Set up Pay Per Click Campaign for the Beginners.

Steps to set up Pay Per Click Campaign for Beginners - know how

Objectives of PPC Campaign:

Before moving into Setting up the PPC campaign, the following objectives need to be ensured under Digital Marketing Process; Start with research; Work on your Goals. That is, decide on the business objective. Such as

  • Make More sales
  • Brand Awareness
  • Encourage Sign-Ups
  • Enquiry Generation
  • Announcements

Guide to Digital Advertainment – PPC

  1. Decide where to advertise. Choose the platform. i.e, Display Ads, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Youtube, LinkedIn, FB & Instagram, etc.
  2. Choose on the keyword you want to bid and popped-up for the right service.
  3. Set the Bids for the different keywords and select the daily or monthly packages based on the campaign duration.
  4. Create the PPC ad copy and link it to the relevant web app or website landing page.
  5. Watch closely and deploy continuous improvement.

Steps to Set up Pay Per Click Campaign Process:

We have a unique PPC Campaign Setup Process, which allows us to spend less money to get relevant traffic and avoid dead leads through the effective ad copy.

5 Phases of PPC Ad Campaign Setup:

Phase 1: Project Discovery
Phase 2: Strategy Planning
Phase 3: Landing Page Creation & campaign setup
Phase 4: Ad copy Optimization
Phase 5: Report Analysis

1: Project Discovery

Project Discovery – Understanding the essence of the campaign by gathering information about the business goals of the client.

Website Analysis – Analyse website performance based on campaign statistics and other factors.

Keyword Research – Define the targeted Keywords according to the business goals. ( High Volume Keywords Cost More Per click then Mid or Low volume Keywords). Use Keyword research for competitive analysis and build the Ad copy.

2: Strategy Planning

Set up the Campaign – Create Ad copy, fix the Budget, Target the landing page for the click, Set up the targeted audience.

Planning measures – Set up long and short term goals for evaluating the campaign performance.

3: Landing Page Creation & campaign setup

Landing Page Creating & Campaign Setup according to the Paid Search Strategy.

Design Landing Page – Effective Landing Page User Interface design with a strong call to action will attract prospective customers to your site.

Conversion Tracking – Implementation of conversion tracking and check on page loading time.

4: Ad copy Optimization

Short Term Campaign – Modify Bids, Ads and campaign according to ad objective, based on the report from the short term PPC Campaign performance indicators.

Follow the Global Trends – Implement global trends and follow the campaign best performance timings based on the geographic locations and selected audience.

5: Performance Report Analysis

Modify the project plans according to the results. Use the metrics to stay ahead of the curve.

Monthly Performance Report – Document the performance of the Ad copy, check the campaign metrics and goals, track the tasks completed as per project plan.

PPC Campaign – Understanding the Economics Before you Start:

Lia Infraservices The Leading SEO Company in Chennai are successful in following strategical steps to set up Pay Per Click Campaign for beginners, which generates Traffic, Leads and boost Sales & Productivity instantly!

It is obvious that an instant revenue generation will be encouraging then waiting for a long time to see the results.

This “Steps to Set-up Pay Per Click Campaign ” will help the beginners and online shop owners to understand how the PPC campaign works to improve sales and customer connectivity.

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