9 reasons to move from On-Premise software to Cloud

9 reasons to move from On-Premise software to Cloud

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Here are the top 9 reasons to move data from On-Premises Software to Cloud.

Cloud computing provides the platform to run your applications from one place to another without worrying much about the underlying infrastructure. As result organizations are slowly adopting the culture of Software as a Service model from cloud computing.

9 reasons to move from On-Premise software to Cloud - know more

Common reasons why Companies move from On-premises to the cloud?

An organization needs multiple applications to run their daily business operations. An organization needs a dedicated team and budget to design, develop and maintain the applications and it is very much time consuming and costly as well.

To maintain the On-Premises applications, it needs multiple servers to run and keep the backup. The expansion of these applications again needs multiple new physical servers and team members to maintain and monitor.

When an organization identifies the same or similar applications are already available with considerably reduced cost and pay as you go, model, as the result the organizations are transitioning to adopt these applications to make their daily business functions.

The 10 reasons which motivate an organization to move to Cloud.

1.Time for core product:

Business gets more time to concentrate on their own business, product or services, rather than spending the majority of the time to redesign the on-premises application as per the need.


Organizations use a portion of the cost to the cloud software and that allows them to utilise the money on product and service improvements. Thus ultimately resulting in smoother transactions.

3.Global reach:

Organizations get the opportunity to spread their wings beyond their geographical boundaries and reach global customers.


Cloud service provided ensures to provide the unmatched security to protect the data and maintain the trust with their customers. Thus, it will ensure the security organizations are moving into the cloud software.

 5.Access from anywhere:

The application on the cloud provided the benefit of accessing the applications from any location. Sometimes it may support the mobile version also.


The application never gets any disruption of service as the cloud provider takes care of its availability by maintaining the auto-scaling capabilities. So, this ensures the application remains available all the time.

7.Timely update:

The cloud software gets a timely update with additional features based on the feature request they receive from their customers. Hence this will promote cloud software to be adopted based on the chosen app.


Cloud software generally has its own knowledge base. That explains the proper usability and it maintains the high user experience. As a result, it ensures the end-users find easy to use guide. 

9.Reduced price to the customers on the services:

As the organizations are saving a lot of company money. This will reciprocate to the end-users to avail the service at a better competitive price. SO, instead of paying the entire capacity, this lets you pay only for ultimate on-prem capacity utilized.

Cloud computing let you install software on the Internet and use it anywhere across the globe. Thus by adopting the above 9 reasons, companies can understand the benefits of moving data from On-Premises to Cloud safely. So, Wanna shift your operations gradually to Cloud and improve efficiency? Click on for a live demo.

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