What is Permanent 301 redirect?

What is Permanent 301 redirect?

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301 Redirect is a Permanent Redirect from one URL to the new updated URL. Many site owner wonder if it’s necessary to redirect the non-functional page!. In fact, many will simply ignore the non-operative webpages, without knowing the consequences of it.

A website generally needs an update to stay up with the current market trend. Live & attractive website attracts good web traffic to your business website.
Normally Web site up-gradation, tear down the outdated website to a modern website.
In this process, we fail to notice the damage caused to the pages in the old domain, which leads to Error 404 – Page Not Found

“301 Redirect – is a Permanent Redirect from one URL to another”

What is the Need for webpage Redirect?

  1. Website modernization to streamline traffic.
  2. Expiry of temporary landing pages of an ad campaign, special offers for a particular event, etc.
  3. Rebranding – when a company changes the brand name or removes the non-performing product/service page.

Permanent 301 Redirect:

” Redirect your unused webpage to the Permanent functional webpage”

Make your website SEO friendly by guiding the search engine from your non-functional web page to an updated URL using Permanent 301 HTTP status code in .htaccess.
In order to maintain the website domain authority and Search Engine ranking, it is essential to refer to the changed URL for the visitors to access their requested data.

DO 301 redirect change the page URL?

The answer is “No”. It will not change the URL as such. Instead, it will redirect the expired URL to function URL.

Will 301 redirect affect Google Ranking?

The truth is a big “NO”. 301 redirect, in fact, it improves the Google organic ranking. But to many redirects will drive the users to opt for another better website. It favours you to utilize your backlinks by permanently redirecting them to a functional web page URL.

Steps to create the 301 redirects in WordPress:

1: Need a simple text editor like “notepad” aside.
2: Key in “Redirect 301” in the WordPress .htaccess, just below the line “#END WordPress”.
3: Redirect the non-functional URL to new URL and drive page traffic.
4: This involves the modification of .htaccess of the respective domain. It Replaces the old URL code with the new one and saves it in .htaccess
5: Upload the saved .htaccess file in webspace.
End of the redirect process.

What happens if the 301 Redirect is not made?

  1. When a user clicks on a particular search result and the displayed page is expired or non-operational, the respective web page will throw “404 Page Not Found” error.
  2. Non-operational web page impacts the users at a great level. It downgrades the brand values and the user loses the reliability of service offered. This pushes the users to withdraw from our website, this greatly affects website search rank.
  3. Another major impact is the non-operational URL greatly affects the backlinks which have been anchored to the particular URL

Benefits of 301 redirect?

Setting up of 301 redirect saves the inbound links, Improves google ranking and ensure the users to direct them to correct web address.

You can redirect specific page to another page in the same website or different domain.

One can redirect lakhs and lakhs of pages to a productive URL – “Support limitless redirections“.

301 redirect is considered to be the best practices followed in Digital Marketing Company in Chennai to optimize on-page SEO.

Bottom line:

Moving one domain to a new one is a permanent process. Similarly, the 301 redirect is also a permanent redirect of the old URL to a new functional URL.

As long there is a backlink or site exist, it’s necessary to permanently point the former URL to the new one. Lia Infrasevices is the pioneer in On-Page Optimization and SEO Company in Chennai. We facilitate you to generate business leads by improvising your website google rank.

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