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We assist and provide companies migrate their servers from on-premise data centers to a various cloud platform like AWS,vSphere, vCloud, OpenStack and Microsoft Azure.

  •   Seamless Migration to the Target Cloud.
  •   Completed 20000+ Migrations.
  •   24/7 Support for Migration Issues.
  •   The Migration process is automated, and migrations can take place simultaneously.
  •   No agent installation on the source.
  •   No source hypervisor access needed.
  •   Minimal change management requirements.
  •   The SaaS-based tool spins up a clone of your source into your destination cloud environment.
  •   Your source remains in production.
  •   The only change management window needed is to allow for final sync and cutover.


AWS to Azure Cloud Migration Errors
Let us see the Case study on “AWS to Azure Cloud Migration Errors”. Recently we worked with one of our customers to migrate 30 Linux servers from AWS to Azure. As per the Azure cloud migration assessment process, we identified the Linux servers are a part of Nitro instances into AWS. Nitro instances are great[…]
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9 reasons to move from On-Premise software to Cloud
Here are the top 9 reasons to move data from On-Premises Software to Cloud. Cloud computing provides the platform to run your applications from one place to another without worrying much about the underlying infrastructure.[…]
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Cloud Migration Security Challenges
Cloud Migration Security Challenges Cloud Migration Security Challenges might differ from company to company. Based on their expertise in the field of the underlying technology and the understanding of the best practice. The Cloud Migration Security Challenges start even before the migration starts.[…]
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