How to Build a Mobile App With React Native

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Let’s harness the power of React Native by learning “How to build a mobile app with React Native“. React native is like any other Native app, letting you build mobile app development using the JavaScript library. It uses the same design as React, which involves building a rich mobile UI that is the same as regular iOS and Android Apps.

With React-Native one can build a real mobile or cross-platform web application that is completely indistinguishable from the app built using Objective-C or Java.

React-Native uses fundamental UI blocks to create native apps for iOS and Android Applications. React Native uses “RCTBridgeModule” to make a connection between Native code and JavaScript Code.

One React – Many Platforms:

Using React – Single code can be shared across multiple platforms and use common technology.

import React from ‘react’;

import {Text, View} from ‘react-native’;

import {Header} from ‘./Header’;

import {heading} from ‘./Typography’;

const WelcomeScreen = () => (


    <Header title=”Welcome to React Native”/>

    <Text style={heading}>Step One</Text>


      Edit App.js to change this screen and turn it into your app.


    <Text style={heading}>See Your Changes</Text>


      Press Cmd + R inside the simulator to reload your app’s code.


    <Text style={heading}>Debug</Text>


      Press Cmd + M or Shake your device to open the React Native Debug Menu.


    <Text style={heading}>Learn</Text>


      Read the docs to discover what to do next:




Components of React-Native:

As there are plenty of mobile app technologies, tools and frameworks available in the market, that undoubtedly make the app development life cycle simplified and shortened. On the other side, the wide choice of technologies is putting everyone in the dilemma of how to choose the best approach of developing a mobile app in less time at less cost without compromising with the quality.

Components are the visual UI/UX Design elements that can be found on the app screen in the React Native App.

  •  Core components include text, images, landing page view, scroll view, text input and style sheet.
  • Components for listing the products such as Flat list and SectionList.
  • UI Components that add functionality to the app such as Button, switch, slider etc.
  • Android-specific components such as ToastAndroid, ViewPagerAndroid, TimePickerAndroid, DatePickerAndroid, PermissionsAndroid and more.
  • iOS specific components including ActionSheetIOS, SegmentedControlIOS, AlertIOS, PushNotificationsIOS and more.
  • Other components including Alert, Animated, CameraRoll, Dimensions, Clipboard, StatusBar, Keyboard, Linking, ActivityIndicator, WebView and Modal and more.

Key Highlights of React Native:

  • React Native is an open-source framework ideal for hybrid app development.
  • Offering a wide choice of native-like UI components.
  • React Native apps contain 85 to 90% of codes consisting of JavaScript and JSX code.
  • One app that targets multiple app platforms including iOS, Android, Windows or Web with the same codebase
  • It supports native code that fits any app type.

The Basic Steps to build a mobile app with react-native:

Let’s build a small mobile application with the basic components to get started with a “Display Emoji”

Step 1: Gather the Components (emoji) to build a Mobile App

Step 2: Create a new src/components directory at the root of the project.

Step 3: Code:

Steps to Build a Mobile App With React Native - Lia Infraservices

Step 4: One can modify the App.js file to display the required components – emojis with the below-mentioned codes.

Steps to Build a Mobile App With React Native -Insert Emojis - Lia Infraservices

Step 5: Consider importing the “EmojiDict File” component from the React Native.

Step 6: Container element (emoji) that supports layout styling with flexbox and other styles via CSS  

Step 7: Use StyleSheet to add styles to view.

Step 8: Add Text by using Text Component.


Step 9: The end result of the code.

Sample steps to Build a Mobile App With React Native - End Result - Lia Result

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Conclusion: Build a Fully Functional Mobile App with React Native.

Wondering how to create your first native styled mobile or web app. Well, today we are living in a technology-driven world where mobile app development is possible using the right path equipped with the right tool. 

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