Which is the Best Cloud Migration Services company in India?

Which is the Best Cloud Migration Services company in India?

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Best Cloud Migration Services

LIA INFRASERVICES is an Indian based company known for its managed cloud migration service & Self Paced migration service and provides the best service of Cloud migration in India.

Cloud migration needs an expert who has done more than 10k real-time migrations for enterprise-based companies. Being into the field of cloud migration industry we have seen and resolved many complex migration-related issues,

so we are well aware of the issues and over the period of time. We have developed the migration process as an automated process which helps migrate servers into the cloud in hours, not in days or months.

Data migration is a complex process and migrating data securely is a real challenge and we are doing the migration using SDM [ Secure Data Migration]

We have multiple protocols to migrate data, and based on the volume of data we opt for different protocols to fasten the process.

LIA INFRASERVICES helped more than 100 companies and over 10k migrations to the different cloud on the year 2018 and as we just started the year 2019, we are experiencing much more volumes of migration compared to last year.

These are the few of the benefits this company offers to the migrations.

Contact our trusted Cloud Migration Experts to discuss Cloud Migration capability in more detail. Or why not see our powerful SaaS Cloud Migration Platform in action? Click here to request your personal demo.

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