What are the challenges involved in Cloud Migration?

What are the challenges involved in Cloud Migration?

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Cloud migration from an on-premises has multiple challenges involved in CLoud mIgration, we are discussing a few of them below and it is not limited to any other challenges that maybe not mentioned in this article.

The article is written based on my experience on my involvement of cloud migrations of multiple of customers. I would try to make an article in future which explains the question asked by the customer and the amount of stress both the parties go through during a final cutover.

Challenges come with their own solution. Let’s see the list of Cloud Migration Challenges. Every cloud migration of a server from an on-premises to the cloud or from cloud to the cloud has it’s own challenges. Challenges may come from the

  • In house infrastructure settings
  • The dependencies of the applications
  • Time of completion of the migration
  • Low bandwidth
  • Choppy network
  • Improper cloud configuration, in terms of the network and security
  • Miscommunication with other department teams, Eg: backup team
  • Lack of knowledge about the cloud migration tool
  • Lack of knowledge of the Servers and their functionality

Let’s understand the cloud migration challenge

There are multiple cloud migration challenges which varies from migration to migration, but few migration challenges can be overcome, if there is a proper cloud migration strategy in place.

It is always recommended to perform a POC migration with a test server to the target cloud. This approach gives enough statistics on different areas to anticipate the challenges that can be overcome.

POC of the cloud migration provides the organisation an idea about

  • Time to complete a migration for a certain amount of data. This gives an idea to plan the cutover time and avoids any sudden surprises.
  • The cloud migration tool support response time on any crucial situation. According to me, the support during the cloud migration is one of the reasons for a successful migration projects. The support team knows their tool very well and as they perform multiple migrations a day, they are well aware of the issues and can solve any migration related issue easily.
  • The migrated server can go through a UAT to see if there is anything skipped or ignored during the migration. This ensures the migration process is perfect and nothing is left behind.
  • The security involved during the data transition from an on premises to the cloud.
  • Is there any Delta Syncs available? if so is there any feature involved to make it a continuous or scheduled Delta?
  • How the migration works hand in hand with the production server and it’s anti virus or other security measures.

The instance or the VM type that you are selecting on the target cloud may or may not be available to that particular region of the target cloud.

We have observed few of our customers starts the migration to the target public cloud, and for the compute power they select a server type according to the requirement on the target. But the migration fails because the selected server type is unavailable on the selected region, this issue we see mostly during cloud migration to azure.

Solution to the problem:

The in-house Data Centres and its restricted access through its Firewall to communicate with the source server to complete the migration.

There are a few logical ports that need to be accessible to do cloud migration.

The user on the source server is a sudo user with restricted access to the source also creates multiple issues during migrations to the cloud.

The Source server is locked with Remote Administration through registry [ UAC ]

The change management process of the company which needs multiple levels of approval to do a minor change into the source delays the process of migration.

There are multiple and the list goes on & on.

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