How cloud migration affect network security?

How cloud migration affect network security?

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Cloud migration is the process of moving business data from on-premises to different cloud computing environments. In this blog, let’s see how Cloud Migration affect Network Security.

What is Network Security? 

The procedure adopted to safeguard the integrity of system data during the cloud migration process. It covers multiple technologies devices and products.

Data network security is the set of rules and regulations configured to be followed to maintain the confidential on-premise data.

“Identify precarious factors before they result in costly security breach”

Its is the practice adopted to prevent and monitor unauthorized intruders from accessing, modify, delete or misuse the Company’s resources.

Classification of the network:

1.Private network

Private networks are used in enterprises. It can be within the country or in various countries. but in multiple locations. Data shared only within for internal purposes.

Example: Any Manufacturing company with multiple verticals.

2.Public network

The Data or the information open to the public to access.

Example: Stock Market / E-commerce

Network security Ensure the accessibility of site data and inviting website traffic.

Two types of Attacks :

1. Active attack
2. Passive attack

In general, companies use IT services to generate & maintain customer data, stock reports, business transactions, customer support, and other vital reports.

All these data are stored at In House Data-center resource which needs to get linked to cloud resources to access data at any part of the globe.

Global Access of company information is achieved by providing necessary data access to users for the application in the cloud.

How cloud migration affect network security?

There are 3 most important dimensions which affect network security.

1. Source Data Dimension.

2. Source Data Updates and Backup.

3. Distribution of Access.

1. Source Data Dimension:

Applications running in the cloud access data via the internet/network. The network speed is the topmost significant factor.

The time required to transfer or access large Data to the cloud mostly depends upon the speed of the network.

When large quantities of data involved it requires a large database in the cloud. Which has an impact on cloud computing cost, performance, and other privacy concerns?

High network speed QoS will support and ensure secure Cloud connections.

2. Source Data Updates and Backup:

If the Data source of an application is dynamic or the data from other companies need to be synchronized or backed. The connection between the enterprise data resource and the Cloud Data Resources should be efficient.

In case if the data source is static, the network required to maintain the data in the cloud will be less stringent thus will be low on security.

3. Distribution of Access:

The enterprise data is to be accessed from multiple locations across the globe. To do so, the data needs to be connected to a network that is accessed via internet VPN. The data access is primarily from companies On-premises to cloud-computing resources.

This is where the cloud is highly integrated over the companies own data center resources. The performance of the connection will be critical for cloud migration security if it fails during the Data Migration process.

There will be a risk of losing the data synchronization between the cloud and the enterprise.

This type of application should be supported by a private data link to the cloud-computing resource.

5 ways to protect network security:

1. High-speed data connectivity and Internet VPN catalyst the cloud Migration process.

2. Enterprise IT infrastructure is robust enough to handle high network traffic with the best quality of service and security.

3. Companies generally ignore the traffic generated by employees accessing Cloud resources. Since the ports are generally maintained at companies’ headquarters, cloud data migration increase branch traffic significantly.

4. To jump the traffic to a normal enterprise network, it is recommended to create high-speed connectivity between cloud computing data center and enterprise data center.

5. It will be hazardous to hop into cloud computing on a massive scare.

Small enterprises need to try out the application of cloud computing where network impact is minimal and gradually increase the migration into the cloud as the experience develops.

To overcome Network security issues, little synchronization of data is needed between the cloud host and the enterprise data center.

By doing this there will be little traffic impact on enterprise network security.

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