Website Vs Web Application?

Website Vs Web Application?

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The overview of the comparison between Website Vs Web Application in simple terms.

The website is the collection of related web pages. Especially, containing content, images, video graphics and other digital information. website is nothing but a set of relevant web pages bundled up together under one Domain Name.

These pages are accessible by the public and interlinked with web pages. Websites are Informative in nature. Whereas, the information can be a simple text format or multimedia content. The website content is stored on the Host database and processed by the Server.

Website Vs Web Application both runs on the same Domain.

The web site is of two types 1. Static and 2.Dynamic.

How a static Website is different from a dynamic website

Anybody can own a web site. A website can simply represent one thought or be a face value of someone business.

Website Vs Web Application - know more

Multiple forms of the web site:

  1. Business Website
  2. Entertainment Website
  3. Media or Picture sharing Website
  4. Broucher or Catalogue Website
  5. Non Profit Website
  6. E-Commerce Website
  7. Informational Website
  8. Social Media or Network sharing sites.

How to Build a Website?

Website building illustration. People carrying blocks and tools for creating a website.

There are hundreds of platforms available to build a website. The most popular among all is HTML and CSS Coding.
The other famous tools to build a website are WordPress Website, Wix, Joomla, Drupal etc.

One can build a website from Scratch or use readily available Plugins to build a simple or complex website.

It is necessary to know to code to build a website using HTML & CSS. WordPress is just an exemption. One doesn’t need to know coding to build a website using, WordPress Web development. It is more user-friendly and comes with SEO Services .

Advantages of the Website:

  • The website helps in the Brand building.
  • It helps to achieve your business agenda.
  • It acts as the face value for your business to gain trust and be social proof.
  • You can showcase your products, service and business promotions.

What is Web Application?

Website Creation

A Web application is a functional part of software-driven by dynamic and interactive content. A Web application development can be a part of a web site but not all the web site are a web application. It is intended for user interaction and transaction performing an actual business function and not just display the information alone to the user.

A Web application is simple software program that performs certain task on the computer using a website. A web application typical works on Website using the internet.

On the other hand, a mobile app development company in Chennai works for mobile users. Web Application lets the user to interface with the computer application. Web application costs more than that of Website development.

Similar to Web Site, a web application is also a build-up of Front end language and backend script.

Front end – HTML, CSS, JAvascript.
Backend – Programs like LAMP, MEAN etc for a particular functionality.

The web application is quite handy to interact with the users of the website.

The simple difference between Website Vs Web Application:

The simple difference between static and dynamic website

How is Web application different from Desktop Application?

  • The web application is completely different from the desktop application.
  • The desktop application uses local Hard disc to store data keyed in by Users.
  • While the web application requires internet to accept customer feedback.

The web application is more famous for quite many reasons. Its is easier to maintain as they use the same code across the entire application.

app development Company runs on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. The Desktop App is limited to a particular server.

The web application is widely used across the globe in daily activities like grocery store billing, User Feedback forms etc.

The web app development company in Chennai is of two types Static and Dynamic Websites.

Difference between Static & Dynamic Website:

Difference between static and dynamic website
Static Website :

In Static Website, the Webpage content is fixed. Each page is coded in simple HTML and CSS code. display the same design ad content to all irrespective of people who visit the website. Site updating is a little complex and tedious. It has a fixed Web Design and layout. A static website will consistently provide standard information for an extended period of time.

Dynamic Website :

Content changes according to the user’s category. Offers a wide range of interactive content like dynamic and multimedia elements. User has complete control of on-site design, updating and changing the content. A dynamic website is a build-up of PHP, JavaScript, ASP, JSP etc.

Conclusion – Website Vs Web Application:

The website is globally accessible and has interlinked web pages working on a single domain name. Lia infraservices are experts in Website Development, Website Design, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Company in Chennai, and Cloud Migration Services.

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