How to install Docker on Mac?

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Lia Infraservices, the professional iOS Mobile Application Development company in Chennai brings you the step by step procedure to Install Docker on Mac. Before we deep drive in towards interesting with the Docker file, you need to install Docker on your Mac.

The installation instructions depend on the operating system you use.

You can also check with the Docker Website for the detailed instructions to install Docker on the following OS mentioned below.

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS

As I am a hard-core Mac user and I am going to show you the exact steps to install Docker on a Mac

Note: If you use Windows or Linux, please refer to the instructions that are available to you on the web.

Steps to Install Docker on Mac:

Open the browser and go to the below URL

Click on “Get Docker

System Requirements for Docker (Mac) Desktop :

Get Docker Desktop for Mac - Lia infraservices - iOS mobile App Development Company in Chennai

This will download the dmg file as below.

Download the DMG file - Lia infraservices - iOS mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Double click on Docker.dmg

Open Docker.dmg - How to install Docker on Mac - Lia infraservices
Move Docket to application - How to set docker app on mac terminal - Lia infraservices

The Docker App is slightly more than 400 Mb of file size. 

Once it gets copy into the Application folder

Go to the Application folder and find file

Enter Docker Password to access the files - Lia infraservices

You may get this message.

Enter your Mac laptop password and click on install helper.

Then, you will get a screen where it will say, Docker engine is starting and finally a screen like below.

Get Started with Docker - Lia infraservices - iOS mobile App Development Company in Chennai

Now, look at mac top icon section and you will see the icon of Docker.

Find Docker icon on Mac Title bar - Lia infraservices

Once it is installed, you can look for its version from the terminal

Steps to install Docker on Mac Terminal - Lia infraservices


Docker for Mac does not affect your previous machines created via Docker Machine, The step by step installation procedure gives you the option to copy containers and images from your local machine if you have one.

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