How to authenticate your website for mail chimp

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Mail chimp is known to be an effective way of promoting a website. 

LIA Infraservices the leading Mobile App Development Company in Chennai aids you in how to authenticate your website for Mailchimp.

It is known to be an undeniable fact that emails are the most widespread means of communication. Email marketing is known to be the key to staying in touch with your customer base. In Mailchimp, you can send emails to 1,000s of people in one go. It also has features that allow you to do some marketing automation, creating drip campaigns and email autoresponders using Mailchimp. 

Essential Advantages of using MailChimp to Authenticate your Website

How to authenticate your website for mail chimp -Lia infrservice

The interface is simple and customizable

It is important for new users to have an interface that is not only well-designed but also easy-to-use. User experience plays a key role today, and it can be the reason why a person will opt to use a certain website or piece of software. However, when using MailChimp, this isn’t a problem. Not only is it easy to use but it offers you a way to easily customize your email campaigns.

 It’s free

MailChimp works great for small businesses that are looking to grow and develop. In fact, if you have less than 2,000 email subscribers, the basic plan is free to use. No charge whatsoever. And for business owners and bloggers that are newcomers in their niche, this is very beneficial.

 The analytics are very detailed

With email marketing, it is very important to have insight into the activities of your subscribers. Monitoring email marketing metrics can play a key role in the success of your digital marketing efforts. And by using MailChimp, you can get a detailed insight into useful data campaign-wise, such as:

  • how many subscribers have opened your email,
  • which links were clicked the most frequently,
  • how many people unsubscribed after receiving your email,
  • even how your response compares to the industry average.
How to authenticate your website for mail chimp- Lia infraservices

Website authentication steps for mailchimp: 

Authenticating your website is a once-off activity. Firstly we need to check if our domain is authenticated within Mailchimp. 

Follow these steps to check if your website is authenticated in Mailchimp.

  • Login to Mailchimp.
  • Click your name to the left of the screen.
  • Select Account.
  • Press the Settings button then Domains.
  • If you see the word Authenticated on a green background then your domain is authenticated. If you see Verified on a blue background then your domain needs to be authenticated. 
How to authenticate your website for mail chimp -Lia infraservices

Benefits of authenticating your website for mailchimp 

Authentication is known to be critical to the delivery of your email from Mailchimp and works as a license plate. It is known to provide a trackable identifier that shows your recipient’s internet service provider you’re a legitimate sender, and it helps your email arrive in their inbox.

Authenticating your own website has its important benefits.

  • It removes the default Mailchimp authentication information that shows up next to your “From name” in certain email clients.
  • While this works for most email clients, some, like Outlook, may still display authentication information after custom DKIM is set up. This is specific to each email client and isn’t something we can prevent.
  • It is known to help your email arrive in recipient inboxes, rather than spam or junk folders.
  • It helps align your domain to Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC), and enables you to use Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) to prominently display your logo in your recipients’ inboxes.

How to connect it or its subdomains to your Mailchimp account?

For more information to know how to authenticate your domain with MailChimp, follow these steps.

Unable to authenticate with Mailchimp issues: 

When we were trying to authenticate, we came across the issue by not getting authenticated. As our domain service provider is GoDaddy, there is a known issue and this helped us to authenticate successfully.

GoDaddy is a Domain provider that is known to do this as it is created as double records you may only need to type in part of a domain key. 

For example, if you enter “” and “” is created, update your CNAME record to only include “k2._domainkey”


Engaging subscribers through your email campaign can play a key role in the email marketing effort, especially for targeting. Hence, mailchimp software offers you the option to identify subscribers and engage them again and again. 

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