Tips to create a successful Infographic

Tips to create a successful Infographic

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Infographics are particularly useful for Small Business. Infographics help to improve brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. To create your own infographic, here are some of our best tips to create a successful infographic.

Tips to create a successful Infographic with Ui Ux Design - Know how

7 Tips to create a successful Infographics

1. Know your audience

Know your audience - Tips to create a successful Infographic | Liainfraservices

Target the infographic based on who you want to interest, just as you’d write a blog post for a specific reader. This means choosing not just words, but also images, graphics, and colours that speak to your intended audience.

2. Choose great topics

Choose right topic | Liainfraservices

What kind of infographic are you hoping to create?  A diagram showing how a product works? A breakdown of your service industry? Compare your ideas about the topics that are trending in your area to generate a list of strong infographic topics. In some cases, you might also want to visualize some of your existing content.

3. Inform with Statistics

Information with statistics - Tips to create a successful Infographic | Liainfraservices

Research your topic carefully. Using fewer words shouldn’t mean offering less information. In fact, your infographic should offer more value if possible, and it should be better than anything else that’s out there, in any format. Look for statistics and occasionally powerful quotes.

4. Distil into Points

Bullet points | Liainfraservices

Now that you’ve got lots of great information, distil it down into bullet points. Remember, you’re making your points visually, so each bullet must eventually be depicted. Anything you can depict in place of text, you should.

5. Flow and shape

Facts about figures | Liainfraservices

Avoid random lists of facts; these don’t make for a great infographic most of the time. Instead, your points should flow together well and tell a story—mostly with graphics and images. Make sure that this kind of clear progression is present.

6. Get visual and design

Creative visual and design Tips to create a successful Infographic | Liainfraservices

Now it’s time to make it all visual. If you’re working with a designer, this part is a cinch; just give them the information, tell them what your goals are, and run with it.

If you’re trying to DIY, take it to step by step. First, sketch out the information as a wireframe to verify that your narrative functions well visually. Next, make sure your infographic is the right size and shape. Most infographics are 800 to 1000 pixels wide, and as long as they need to be to get all of their information in. You expand vertically so that it’s easier to scroll and read the infographic and it stays shareable.

7. Style Elements:

Style Elements - Infographics | Liainfraservices

Next choose style elements like colours, font, and graphics with consistency in mind. The colour scheme should fit the infographic’s topic as well as your brand. If you’re writing about cancer deaths, avoid a fluorescent colour scheme; if you’re trying to sell baby clothes with your infographic, stay away from a black and red look.

Avoid using more than two or three fonts throughout the infographic; anything more looks sloppy. It’s fine to use something other than whichever fonts spell out your logo or company name. Your aim should be a consistent, on-theme infographic, not an echo of your brand’s logo or publicity materials.

Finally, proofread your work. Make sure that any text that can possibly be visual is portrayed with images or graphics. Cite sources if you’re providing statistics or other information.

Wrapping it up:

There’s more than one way to create a fantastic infographic for your small business. To follow the Tips to create a successful Infographic, you can use online tools like Canva,, Venngage, or Piktochart to create one yourself if you feel confident enough in your ability to design. Or, to produce great visual content, you can work with UI/UX designers at Lia Infraservices.

Creating engaging visual content isn’t easy. Lia infraservices Graphics Designers have the ability to produce well-designed visuals. Contact us –  Let our Graphic designer create something special infographics for you.

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